Day 278- “Reflection on the Bell”

This photo features the Conn bari sax that I’ve been playing on this semester. It’s a decent enough horn, but I still miss my Yamaha, the one that I’ve been playing for the past few years. Anyway, I had an idea tonight while practicing my tenor about putting the music up against the bell of the horn and seeing the reflection. Unfortunately, the tenor bell is not big enough for the music that I had on hand, so I retrieved my bari sax with some difficulty (more on that in a minute) and had my friend Marci hold the music up to the bell for me. I like how it turned out!

So, about the difficulty with my bari. I have what I refer to as a “comically small locker.” Somehow I am expected to put the Conn bari sax and Yamaha tenor sax in a locker designed for a tenor as the largest instrument, with possibly an alto or soprano sax in there too. It takes  A LOT of time and skill, but I manage to get them both in there…. Except that the tenor sticks out, and my locker doesn’t actually close.

It’s pretty funny, in reality. I wrote a note and stuck it on my locker, asking people to not bang on the doors and not to move my saxes…. Seeing as my locker doesn’t actually lock anymore. Someone wrote underneath it, “You need a new locker.” Someone else wrote a post it note, “Rachel, you are AWESOME!” On the same post it note, Drew scribbled underneath “Rachel you are so full of awesome one locker can’t contain it. Love bff.” And tonight taylor decided that we should start a petition to get me a bigger locker. We taped it to my locker as a joke, and what do you know, six people had signed it by the end of the night!




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