Summer of Hikes- Pawnee Buttes 5/18/2014

I’ve made it my goal to go hiking every weekend this summer. I’ll post photos from my hikes on here so you can enjoy them!

On the 18th, I geared up in my beat up old hiking boots and drove an hour-ish northeast of Greeley to hike around the Pawnee Buttes. Last time I was up in the Pawnee Grasslands was with my Brothers for our Spring Retreat, and it SNOWED on us. SNOWED in APRIL. Our sponsor came with us, and kept making fun of my pup tent, saying it would fall over. What up, it did not.

Anyway, that’s a completely different story. Luckily it did not snow on me the second time I went out there. When I finally reached the trailhead, there were no other cars there (around 9 am). The first thing I saw, though, were the cows.

090 rdh

Once they saw me, they moved quickly away, and I continued on with my life. That’s when I came up the small hill and looked out into the distance.


Talk about BEAUTIFUL. It took my breath away. I admired the view for a few minutes, then began my way down the hill.

123 rdh

After I got down the initial hill, I was in what looked like a dry riverbed, twisting and turning around and around.

161_stitch rdh

172 rdhI did enjoy turning around a lot to look at Lips Bluff.

132_stitch rdh

135 rdh

137 rdh


Oh no- the way is blocked! I figured that rain had washed all of the tumbleweed into a corner. I carefully picked my way around them, and was a little nervous that I might run across a rattle snake. Luckily, I did not.

138 rdh


Some flowers around the trail.


156 rdh

104 rdh


The only “animals” I saw on the trail itself was this moth and some animal bones.

148 rdh

160 rdh

While my goal had been to make it to the West Butte, I realized that I was getting tired and should turn back (darn it for being out of shape). I made it back to the trailhead, and after studying the map, realized I was actually relatively close to my goal. Double darn it!

After studying the map, I figured that I made it as far as the second “t” in the Buttes, where it’s labelled on the map. Oh well. I guess that means I have to come back, right?

178 rdh

On my way out I stopped for a view of the prairie. Those Western Skies, man.

179_stitch rdh

Also, I ran into these guys! My first real animals of the day!

199 rdh

203 rdh




Summer of Hikes- Glenmere Park 5/11/2014

I’ve made it my goal to go hiking every weekend this summer. I’ll post photos from my hikes on here so you can enjoy them!

I was supposed to go hiking with my dad on this particular Sunday, since his birthday was coming up that week. However, Northern Colorado was hit my a random snow storm, so my dad decided it would be dangerous to go up to the mountains to hike. I agree, but I was not going to be deterred from my hiking goal- especially not on the first weekend of summer break. So I googled “hiking in Greeley” and the first thing that popped up was Glenmere Park, a .2 mile “hike.” Sure, why not. I love Glenmere.

I went to my favorite coffee shop, “The Blue Mug at Margie’s,” and get a drink, then went over to Glenmere and walked around, snapping photos and drinking coffee. There was no one else there, and I really enjoyed the silence of the intermittent snow and rain falling.

The first thing I noticed was how high the water was.

glenmeretuningglasses 001_stitch rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 016 rdh

Then I noticed the locals coming to see this strange visitor.

glenmeretuningglasses 010 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 017 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 099 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 103 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 106 rdh

I took photos of the plants….

glenmeretuningglasses 019 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 021 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 031 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 034 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 079 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 082 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 091 rdh

Looks like someone got to the bridge before me!

glenmeretuningglasses 039 rdh

Overall, the amount of water travelling through was the most surprising part of the walk.

glenmeretuningglasses 040 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 056 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 095 rdh

Month of Memories #2- “The Skittle”


The house I lived in is split into two apartments: the upper one, and the lower one I lived in. In my “front” door, (on the side of the building), has stairs that lead down to the laundry room and my old apartment. There’s also about four steps that lead to the upper apartment. And this freakin skittle was there on the day I viewed the apartment, and the day I moved out. Gross, huh?

Month of Memories #1- “Old Apartment”


Well, it happened. I moved out of my old apartment, in with some other friends so the rent is cheaper, and I’ll hopefully interact with people more this year haha. But anyway, here is a photo I took of my living room before I started to pack it up, and the living room once everything was cleaned and moved out. A little bittersweet, overall, it was my first place away from my parents’ house (not counting the dorms), but so far I’m loving our new place.

I did this photo by “overlaying” my old living room over the photo of the blank room, using



Month of Light #10- Macky Auditorium

4-10Yesterday, Taylor, Drew and I made the trek down to Boulder to watch the CU Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band concert. And holy crap. Their campus and concert hall are just…. beautiful. I would post photos of it, but they don’t do it justice in any way. It’s just beautiful though. The three of us kept looking around, mouths open, going “Why can’t WE have nice things?!” (Search my blog for any photo of Foundation Hall.)

Either way, they played a great concert, and we got to connect with their Kappa Kappa Psi chapter too. It was nice.

Month of Light #7- Snow on the Ground


While it is normal for Colorado to be 80 degrees one day and blizzarding the next, we are all still shocked by the amount of snow that we’re getting right now. Even as I type this, a steady, wet snow is covering Colorado once again. In this photo, I was trying to get a photo of the steam coming from the light as it melted the snow, but to no avail. I didn’t have my tripod on me to support my camera, and got so cold I could hardly walk back to my car (since I was sitting on the stone steps in front of Kepner Hall, the business school.)

Well….. It’s snowing now, so I may yet have another shot at it.