Day 345- “Sunrise From Frasier”

Yesterday, well, multiple yesterdays before, I had the genius idea of staying up to work on a paper. I ended up staying awake for thirty three hours straight with no rest. Oh. my. goodness. By the end I was so tired, that I was making all sorts of Star Wars references in my paper. The paper being an analysis of Schubert’s “Erlkönig” which is a very messed up lied (art song) about a father who is riding with his son through the woods while this “Erlkönig” tries to claim the child from the father. Spoiler alert: the child dies.

My Star Wars quotes:

“The main opening melody itself represents the Erlking and Death itself. It’s sort of like in Star Wars, how the theme of the music that represents Obi-Wan Kenobi also represents the Force.”

“At this point, the Erlking appears. To me, it is a literal representation of Death itself, appearing as a strange combination of the Grim Reaper, a dementor from Harry Potter, and Emperor  Palpatine from Star Wars.”

“Is the Erlking real? Is it the King of the Elves? Is it the Demon of all Demons? Is it actually the Emperor from Star Wars?”

So yeah. If you want to hear this beautiful but strange Schubert work, here’s a link:

Anyway! Back to my blog, after this night, I went to Frasier in the morning to practice for my piano class. I went up to the top floor and saw that the sun was going to rise soon. So I took a lovely photo of the sun rising. Quite beautiful, I must say.

Day 264- “Boot”


Well, I’ve landed in a tough spot. I’ve injured my left ankle yet again. Let me tell you the story of it.

My sophomore year of high school, a few weeks before the marching band state championship, I rolled my ankle inward during a rehearsal. I remember the exact move too, I was marching forward and to the left, and for the next move I had to snap the lower half of my body around and head straight to the right. On the snap, my ankle rolled. Me being me of course, continued to march the next few weeks, icing my ankle and loading up on Advil. But it wasn’t getting any better after that. The next year, my junior year, it got worse and worse. I finally went to the doctor, and he gave me this boot to wear and informed me that I had a small stress fracture. (I affectionately call it my Stormtrooper Boot.) After we were done marching, I was put in an actual cast and on crutches for three weeks, and then did six weeks of physical therapy. It hurt on and off after that, but I learned to deal with it. My senior year, it got worse and worse again, so I restricted myself back to the boot for the last month of the marching season. I’ll never forget the moments immediately following our final championship performance. One person grabbed my bari sax from me, two other people grabbed onto me and half carried me back to the buses because I could hardly walk. (I couldn’t march with the boot in performances because it wouldn’t fit under my uniform pant leg.) I suffered a few more weeks after the season was over, and returned to a mild pain most days.

Come college, the marching wasn’t too bad, but in the spring of my freshman year it got bad enough that I went to a doctor here in Greeley. He informed me that my arch was too high and I got inserts for my shoes, which only helped a little. My sophomore year was another year of mild to moderate pain. This brings us to this summer, and my junior year. Working on grounds was very intense work. I stressed my ankle out to the point of me having to take Advil twice a day at work. I sprained it twice while mowing a hill. Luckily for me though, the guys I worked with were great about it and would take over mowing if they saw I was in pain, and would give me priority when riding in the vehicles and there wasn’t enough room for all of us.

This brings us to now. Band camp, of course, is where we teach the new kids how to march and go over it all ourselves again, eight hours a day. That didn’t include, of course, me running around running social events. My ankle grew more and more weak and stressed, and finally it happened. On the day of Band Olympics, the most important event I ran during band camp, my foot caught in a hole in the field. In the spring, when trying to aerate the field south of Gunter, the sprinkler lines were all cut by mistake, so the grounds crew had to fix them all. As a result, there are awkward holes and trenches all over the field. My foot caught in one, and that was it, I was done marching. I stepped out and took photos for the remainder of the day until Olympics, when I could hardly walk around the fields to watch the games. And now, I haven’t been able to finish out a rehearsal without having to bow out because of the pain.

So, long story short, my ankle hurts, first world problems suck, and I’m going to get it checked out soon.

Day 228- “Lightning”

For Photo #2 of South Dakota, I decided on my first ever successful capture of lightning. As opposed to my first one, which was blurry, which you can view here:

After I got this photo I felt a lot like this:

There was a rain storm every night we were there. It was sad because I wanted to get some good star photos, but THIS was awesome. I had the shutter speed set at 10 seconds, the aperture at f/8, and the ISO at 200. And that was the result.



Day 199- “Broken”

On campus, there was a tree that was slightly hollowed out in the trunk. There, a mother duck decided to make her nest, and would sit on her eggs happily. My coworker and I would go around there once a week string trimming, and watch her from afar so as not to scare her. Yesterday, though, she was not there, and instead a large crow was standing at the bottom of the tree. I had a bad feeling about it.

We chased the crow away, and to our dismay, he had eaten half of the eggs. It was a very depressing end to the day, and when I went back today to see if the mother duck was there with the eggs that weren’t eaten, but she had abandoned them and all that was left were a few egg shells scattered about. It’s quite sad, but at the same time, that’s nature. The crow has to eat too, and when this duck tries to raise another brood she’ll know where to not put her nest.

Such is life.

Day 194- “Hamburger Helper”

Tonight I decided that I would have Hamburger Helper. I always loved it when my mom would make it for us as kids. Even though mine tasted pretty good, it still doesn’t compare to my mom’s. She’s some sort of magician when it comes to cooking. I suppose it’ll be the same for my kids someday if I have any. Before that though I would have to find a husband.

On a completely unrelated note, everyone knows that I’m a huge fan of Star Wars. If you are a follower of my blog and still haven’t figured that out, then you have failed me for the last time. (Yay movie quotes!) Either way, I need to find a guy whose last name is Walker, so I can name my son Luke Skye. Luke Skye Walker. I know, it is spelled different, but when you say it…. Yeah, my son is either going to love me or hate me. Or I could name my kid John William Walker/Insert last name here. John Williams is the man. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, then stop whatever you’re doing and go listen to this:

So it turns out that one of our graduate assistants to the band was a part of Moosebutter, the group that wrote and originally performed this, and is one of the writers of the piece. I know so many awesome people at UNC.

So yeah. Someday, Luke Skye Walker and John Williams Walker and X amount of other offspring of mine will eat my Hamburger Helper and think I am magical. I’m just using the Force is all. Ya know…. It never really shows the Jedi eating. In order of the movies, in the Phantom Menace, Obi Wan, Padme and Jar Jar eat at Anakin’s house with his mother. In the second movie, Attack of the Clones, Anakin and Padme eat together and Anakin cuts up a pear like thing for her to eat to show off his impressive Jedi powers. In the Revenge of the Sith, I don’t think anyone actually eats in that movie. In A New Hope, Luke eats for like three seconds with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru before getting all whiney and leaving, which then has him walking outside and we see the double sunset and hear the most beautiful music to mankind played: In The Empire Strikes Back, I’m pretty sure when Lando was taking Leia and Han to the conference room where they met with Darth Vader they were supposed to be going to dinner. Luke also eats for like two seconds at his camp and gets mad at Yoda (“Hey, that’s my dinner!”) and then eats Yoda’s crappy soup. In the Return of the Jedi, Jabba the Hutt is always eating, R2D2 serves drinks, the Rancor eats the froggy guy before Luke kills him with a  door, the Sarlacc gets to eat a bunch of people, Chewbacca tries to eat something that was in a trap, and of course the Ewoks try to serve Luke, Han, Chewy, and R2D2 to C3PO and Leia. So…. Mostly the Rancor and Sarlacc get to eat. Not our heroes of the tale.

I hope you enjoyed the impromptu Star Wars food lesson.

Day 185- “Blurry Lightning”

My first successful lightning photo- is blurry!

You may also visit this link to understand how I feel about the blurriness:

Oh well. I decided to post it anyway. It does have good composition,which I like, and good contrast. The other day Northern Colorado had a tornado warning, which is when I took this. In a tornado, most people take shelter, but I prefer sticking my head out the window and taking photos. I did end up sleeping in my closet though. I woke up around 2:30…. “What am I doing in here?”….. back to sleep…..

Day 72- “Happy Valentine’s Day”

This is a little gift I bought for myself for Valentine’s Day. I love Star Wars SO MUCH (in case you can’t tell). So I treated myself to a candy dispensing Darth Vader and a small box of chocolates.
I like this photo because of the negative space in the right side of the photo, and also how cute Darth Vader is!

Day 71- “Spinning Top”

Yesterday, Jill, Joe and I went to the store, and then decided to get McDonald’s. We walked in, and originally I wasn’t going to get anything until I saw that THE HAPPY MEAL TOYS ARE STAR WARS TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ridiculously excited, I purchased a Happy Meal with four chicken nuggets, a tiny bag of cubed apples, and about twenty French fries total. Doesn’t matter though, I got my Yoda spinning top. I then proceeded to play with it on Jill’s porch excitedly, taking pictures the whole time.
What I did here was slow down the shutter speed to one second so that the top would blur. Luckily for me it caught in the crack in the tiles, so it stayed there so I could take a picture. I had the ISO up to about 1600 I think, and it came out a little dark so I played with the exposure on my computer to make it brighter.