Something for you to enjoy!

I’ve taken a longer break than usual. So here’s a pretty photo for you to enjoy!

kappa 1283bw

Look! It’s Kim playing her horn!


Month of Light #5- “Rachel’s Guide to Having a Not-Awful Facebook Photo”

Okay. I’ve always been kind of a snob when it comes to Facebook photos, especially profile pictures. I’m not going to lie, when I see people change their profile pictures multiple times a day (not kidding), I’m like… “Dude. What are you doing?” Typically the photos are super blurry, poorly lit, and have pretty awful composition. (Yup. I’m a photography snob.) And yes, this post is pretty much all photos of me on a journey to get a good photo. Enjoy the ride!

First thing’s first- typical photos from my generation.

4-5-2I was having a bit of fun here. Either way, when I was a young lass in my myspace days, I took my share of mirror shots. But even then I liked the photos to be inverted so it actually looked like me and not my evil twin.

This being my evil twin:

4-5-1Yuck- look how yellow it is. Let’s get some better lighting in this place.

4-5-3Wait a second- I have a camera! Why aren’t I using that? Most phones have pretty decent cameras, especially iPhones and other smart phones, so my call/text only phone is probably not a good example of phone pictures. Anyway, if you have a camera- even just a point-and-shoot- you can get great shots.

4-5-4Alright, next up-you’re taking a profile picture of yourself. Shouldn’t you be the main focus?

4-5-6I was being a dork for this photo I guess! Either way, all SLR cameras are good for manual settings, and even newer point-and-shoots allow for moderate adjustments. Clearly in this photo, I have the shutter speed too low and the ISO speed too high. Again, being a camera snob, I hate using the “auto” setting on my camera, but it’s really up to the user.

4-5-7Oh no- it’s blurry! I hate blurry photos- unfortunately, my main senior photo from high school is slightly blurry, and I didn’t notice it until I had selected it. It’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine now.

4-5-8Another thing to keep in mind is the composition- I’ve cut my chin off, and my cabinet in the background is throwing off the photo. Don’t let something like that ruin a good photo!

4-5-9I’m not really one for editing- I think it takes away the integrity of the photo. I do mild edits, such as color enhancement or blemish removal, as I’m doing here in my favorite online program-

And voila- a pretty decent profile picture.

4-5I know, I know, I’m a snob about photos! Haha. Hopefully that helped a little bit…. Or inspired you to take new photos. I feel like people who think they don’t look good in photos just haven’t figured out yet how to take them. Maybe it’s just me. I dunno. Anyway that’s all, have a great day!












A Different Perspective #8- “Window to the Soul”

3-8A little creepy, right? The other day, the way my desk is arranged under the window, light will shine in right on my eye mid-afternoon while working at my computer. I happened to catch my reflection in the dark screen, and then proceeded to take pictures of my eyes which were slowly being blinded by the sun.

If you’ve followed my blog, you’ll notice that I have a weird obsession with eye photos. Well, they’re cool. And the window to the soul, if you’re into that. And that is all.


Day 342- “Hot Chocolate Rehearsal”

Since rehearsals have been soooo cold, our awesome grad students and band manager have been providing hot chocolate for us. And here is Taylor, enjoying her hot chocolate after rehearsal. It was funny, because one of the sousaphone players was standing there too and his huge instrument bell reflected light onto her face. It was very cool. 🙂


Day 327- “Zombie Eyes”

Today, in celebration of Halloween, I dressed up like a zombie. It was so much fun! My eyes are, unfortunately quite red. Yesterday Drew and I carved pumpkins, and I think I had a random allergic reaction to them, because this morning my eyes were quite swollen and my arms had an awkward hive/rash thing break out on them. TMI? Maybe, but that happened, so I wore my glasses most of today anyway.

But yeah. I had fun. This photo kind of reminds me of another photo I took, Day 89 which is entitled “Blue”. See it here:


Day 323- “Shadow in the Fog”

The other night, a group of us from Kappa went to Fritzler’s Corn Maize. We went through the “Phase 2” part of the maze, which is the scary part. It was so much fun! Pictured here is Adam, standing in the the fog with the spotlight behind him. I love this photo!

I love hanging out with my Brothers. 🙂


Day 317- “Love in the Leaves”

Today, I had the amazing opportunity to do my first engagement photo shoot, with my friends Ashley and Lee. We spent a few hours taking photos around Ross Hall and Glenmere Park. With this being my first “professional” photo shoot, I was a bit nervous, however my friends were understanding and supportive. This was one of the last few photos I had taken, when I was a lot more comfortable with posing them and “getting all up in their business” with my camera.