About My Monthly Projects

Monthly Projects

Near the end of my 365 Project, I came up with an idea for a photo project for 2013- more low key projects, one for a every month. I will take 10-15 photos fitting my theme for each month. It gives me the joy of photography, the challenge of a specific theme, and the luxury of not posting a photo EVERY day (which got to be a problem for me).

January: The Month of Broken Buildings

I like to drive. A lot. I’m quite familiar with the back roads of Northern Colorado, and therefore quite familiar with the buildings on said back roads. The old, broken down structures are hauntingly beautiful and January’s theme.

February: Graffiti of Greeley

Greeley is…. A questionable town. But, it is full of charm at times, which makes it nice. In February, I will be featuring photos of graffiti throughout my college town, from planned artwork on places owned by UNC, to spray-painted art done by locals.

March: A Different Perspective

I’ve found myself getting into the habit of simply taking a photograph of whatever my subject is, without considering the artistic elements of the photos like I so carefully did in my 365 Project. Well, hopefully this month will change that! My plan is to take photos from a perspective that you wouldn’t normally see for standard photos…. At least not mine. It will be interesting to see my style develop!

April: Month of Light

What a vague, non-specific topic. The effect of lights and lighting on any photo can make all of the difference, and light itself is fascinating to photograph. This month, I focus on light.

May: Month of Memories

I love alliteration. Either way, May is a good month for memories. I’m in the process of moving again, and heading into summer makes me think of the innocent summers I spent frolicking as a child. It’s nice to visit those memories again, years later, and think of them fondly.

June: Month of Nature

Featured this month is a month of nature’s wonderful miracles- because they’re all so beautiful. Enjoy!

July: Month of Water

This month, I will focus on water- which sustains life (and oxygen, I know, it’s a bit harder to photograph that though haha). Water is beautiful, deadly, and can be portrayed in so many ways thanks to modern technology and camera settings.






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