Day 293- “Yellow Flower”

This is a kind of throwback photo, to this summer. I got in a habit, near the end of my time at work, of sticking flowers in my hair (to retain my femininity in the male workplace). I took a photo on my phone, and got this general result.

So, this photo is not so much about the composition or photographic merits, but rather what editing can do. Because THIS was the original photo.

What I did was get onto and played around a little bit. Just for fun, I’ve included my step-by-step process of editing this photo.


Focal Black and White- putting the emphasis on the flower.


Focal zoom- placing the focus of the photo, again, on the flower.


Turning up the contrast- making the background darker and the flower lighter.


Turning up the saturation- making the flower REALLY yellow.

And voila, you have the photo for today. 🙂







How I Took “Watching the Stars”

I know this post is a jumbled mess but I’m working on it!


I was stumbling on the internet one day and I found this awesome site:

I was intrigued, and decided to set about doing this. In my first adventure photographing star trails, I went back to my favorite place: the barn (you can see it here, one of a few photographs of it: Since it was around midnight when I went, I took Ashley and Aryn with me.

Oh hey girls.

My Set-Up

After about 32 and a half my aperture was at f22.minutes, this was the result. As you can see, it was starting to cloud over and my ISO was 6400. (Fail)

So we packed up and went home.

Next adventure! I was dog sitting for a friend, and their family lives where there are no streetlights and very little light pollution. So I tried there.

Info- aperture f22, ISO 100, exposure time- approximately 83 minutes (I went inside and watched Star Wars!)

The result:

So I decided I would try again later. Later ended up being at my house.

Info: aperture f3.5, ISO 100, exposure time 55 minutes

The result: Yikes.

So tonight, I went out pretty determined to get my picture.

My set-up:

First result and info: aperture f22, ISO 100, exposure time 30 minutes

There’s not much to look at here.

Second result and info: aperture f13, ISO 200, exposure time 30 minutes

So! There is my star trail adventure. You can see the actual post here:

Hopefully soon I can get more epicly awesome star trails! If you have any advice or experience in this comment and let me know. 🙂

Happy star gazing!


How I took “Roses With Water”

There was absolutely no editing involved in my photo “Roses With Water” (Day 55 of my 365 Project). I’m really proud of that! I decided though to show you what was going on outside of the frame of the flowers.

Not as pretty, huh?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the photo:

1) The desk lamp on a box for more direct light

2) The old band folder with aluminum foil to reflect light back into the roses

3) Aluminum foil underneath the vase for more lighting

4) Paper taped to the mirror for a background

5) Shot at our sink because of the overhead lighting

Anyway, I thought it was interesting how much I had to do to get the photo right. Not pictured in here is the spray bottle of water, although you can see its reflection in the mirror.

To see this photo, go to: