About My 365 Project

I’ve seen a lot of photographers do the thing where they post a picture a day (preferably taking a picture per day) on their Facebook pages. Well, I’m going to try that for the next year and see how it ends up! They will be either new pictures or old ones so I can kind of track my progress now that I’m going to be studying art. Wish me luck!
Also, feel free to like and comment on my photos so I know you enjoy what I’m doing. 🙂

3 thoughts on “About My 365 Project

    • Why thank you. 🙂 What I do is try to take a photo every day, but if I don’t, my general rule of thumb is to use one that I’ve taken within the past few days. I’ve also found that I’ve started branching out and taking photos of things I haven’t always done much (mostly people and landscapes). Haha I guess those are the best tips I have right now, I really look forward to seeing your project. 🙂

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