Day 217- “Outbreak”

Yesterday, some friends and I got together to play this awesome TTRPG (Table Top Role Playing Game) called Outbreak: Undead. My friend Clint has one of the beta copies of the game, so our group does a lot of testing of scenarios that the creators have made and other gamers. It’s super intense, and super fun. The premise of this game is to survive the zombie apocalypse. You can play as anyone you want wherever you want, or more creepily, as yourself with your friends in your hometown. My first experience of this game had my friends and I escaping to my house in Fort Collins and taking supplies from there, then escaping to another friend’s house, where we holed up to survive. The great part about this game is that we didn’t actually go to either of these houses- we role played it all at my friend’s kitchen table. (It freaked my parents out when I casually texted them that we stole a bunch of stuff from the house and took all of the chickens. Haha.)

The scenario we played yesterday was depressing, because you really couldn’t survive- the point was to see how many zombies you could survive before you were eaten. I survived about 90 before I turned into a zombie, but then I started leading the zombies to where my live friends were. The roll in the photo was an actual roll I made to climb onto the roof to eat my friends (zombies climbing…. Logic doesn’t happen in these games). I like it because the dice are on the “zombie” side of the picture, and I was playing as my undead self. There is a lot happening in the photo, but it’s also kind of symbolic of the game- there is so much going on that you have to think about.

I decided though, if the zombie apocalypse were to actually happen, I would probably save my friends. See, whenever I go to hang out with any friends, I usually show up about a half hour to an hour late. I don’t really know why, I try not to, but something always happens and I’m always late. So, I figure that everyone I love is going to be backed into a corner by zombies, and I’m going to show up about an hour after the battle has started and save everyone.

That’s… Yeah. That’s probably how it will happen.

Also, for your entertainment, here is a pie chart that I found a while ago.


Day 67-“And All of the Other Cliches”

And Chocolate/Understanding/Music/Me/Barbecue/Music/Rock’n’Roll/Every-Sorority-T-Shirt-Ever/Wordpress/Saxophone/French Horn/Piano/Viola/Zombies/Hope/Nails/Belief/Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker/The Force/John Williams/Is The Man.
All of the Other Cliches.
Enough said.