Month of Light #1- “Hackberry Buds”

4-1This was taken around 9 am, when the light isn’t quite harsh but still isn’t soft. I was in Fort Collins, in Old Town (downtown), and I saw this and started to snap photos. A guy bringing the trash out of a restaurant informed me that it’s a hackberry tree, and we chatted a couple more minutes about the tree. That’s pretty much it.


A Different Perspective #9- “Light”

3-9What IS this?!!! Well, before I tell you, I’ll tell you my reaction when I first saw it. I was struck by the many layers of light. I have rather poor depth perception, and so the fact that I could see the depth was amazing. I stood there, watching this phenomena, and compared it in my mind to a spider web, a long exposure shot of the stars, lines of fire, many things. It was so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye.

What was it?

A light in the park shining onto a tree.



Day 357- “Kappakah Tree”

357This is the second year that our Kappa Kappa Psi chapter has had a Christmas party, or “Kappakah” as we’ve lovingly dubbed it, since the Greek letter “Psi” is similar to a menorah. I helped out our Member At Large, who is in charge of planning social events, by making all of the stockings on the tree. It was a ton of fun. The party, I mean, not the making stockings, even though that was fun too.

I love my Brothers.


Day 355- “My Tree”

355This tree very clearly says “the owner has no roommates other than small animals.” And it’s fine, I like my roommates being small animals (even though they never pay rent! Haha). There are two stockings for my new guinea pigs, Kirby and Chewy, one for my gerbil Pippin, my beta fish Apollo, and my box turtle Tordy. I have fun at Christmas. 🙂


Day 307- “Secret Pathway”

You’re probably looking at this photo thinking…. “That is not actually a secret pathway…. It’s very much a used and visible path through UNC’s campus.”

Well, yes. Very literally, it is a pathway straight through Central Campus, diagonally connecting the buildings.

And no. It is not a clear-cut path through campus. I have the creative mind of an artist- a musician, a photographer, and a writer. When I see this path, with branches of the large trees growing over it, my mind is transported to someplace far, far away from Greeley, with the worry of classes and money and work and such. I actually posted something similar on Day 211 (

This place is something similar to a Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and a campaign of Dungeons and Dragons that my friends and I played once. (Yup. I’m a huge nerd.)   Me being me, I sometimes wish that I could be in that world, where I’m myself, but a better version of myself- the person who I sometimes wish I could be so I can escape my first-world-problem-filled life. I say that because my life isn’t bad- but sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in a rut here. You know?

It’s like being a kid again. I drove by an elementary school the other day; the kids were out at recess. They were playing on the equipment, playing around the basketball court, and the like. I saw three girls running together and laughing, and it was clear that they were in some sort of imagination land of their creation. The innocence and wonder or their minds, taking them away somewhere with no effort at all. So as an adult, I feel both cursed and blessed to still have the creativity of my child-self. Cursed to be forced to realize the worlds I wish were real are not, and blessed to be able to see them and have the power as an artist to convey them to everyone else.

Day 297- “Illuminated Tree”

Today, I ventured to Fort Collins because a friend of mine is back in town. It was lovely to see him and my other friends.

On my way back home, I passed by the Harmony Ponds. It’s a beautiful little nature area, and the sunlight seemed to want to cooperate with me through the brooding storm clouds. I walked down the trail, stopping for photos every now and then. Eventually the distant, low thunder had a more “cracking” feel to it and was much louder, so I scurried out of the river’s flood area where I had been exploring and back to my car. Not before I got this photo, however. The sun burst through the clouds, and as I turned to look towards it, this tree caught my eye- the only illuminated tree. It helps that it is yellow already when its brethren are still green, but it took my breath away nonetheless.

Thank you to my friend Kyle, who helped me narrow down all of the photos I had from today to this one. 🙂

Day 292- “A Boy and His Dog”

Today, I realized something a bit depressing. I don’t get out much anymore and just take photos. Lately, it’s been because of my bad ankle. So today, I sucked it up, took some Advil, and set out from my house with my camera.

This photo is of a guy playing Frisbee with his dog. I watched them for a while, and out of the whole adventure today, it was probably my favorite part. I really, REALLY want a dog of my own, except my lease won’t allow it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tordy (my turtle), Pippin (my gerbil) and Apollo (my fish), and of course I love my Corgis back home, but it would be nice to have a dog. Of course, realistically, I would need a more stable job and a bigger yard… And of course a lease that allows dogs!

Anyway, I like this photo. Here are some more photos from today!

Some broken glass


Beautifully changing leaves


For some reason, I’ve always wanted to see inside of this house. So… I feel like a lot of old houses in Greeley sort of… Look like they belong in the boondocks. And… That’s all I have to say about that.


I was looking through my photos when they were all on my computer, and in this photo, I noticed the three guys at the table had all turned to me and were smiling for the camera. This made my day, more than I can tell you. In my experience, most people see you with a camera and flip you off, make a dumb face, stick their hand in front of the lens, etc. Their simple smiles made me very happy.


A spider in her web on a bush


Sunlight in the trees.


Action shot of a squirrel.


The UNC Visitor Center


So I helped plant this bed of flowers on campus over the summer. In the middle of all of the gold and yellow flowers, there is a random red flower. None of us had it in us to pull it, so it has been there since June. Pretty, huh?


Well, it may be kind of a depressing note to end on, but here you go. As I was on the final leg of my journey back to my house, I encountered this tree which is scheduled to be cut down. It makes me sad. I love the old part of Greeley (despite the boondocks-style houses), mostly for the trees. They are tall, old and beautiful. It makes me wonder how we as humans feel we have the right to tell this tree that it doesn’t get to live anymore. But, life goes on.

Of course, from the opposite end, having cut up a dead tree with a chain saw at work over the summer, I can tell you this: it’s extremely fun, even if it doesn’t set quite right with me.

You know what else doesn’t quite set right with me? Mulch. We take chopped up trees and spread it around the base of other trees to help them grow. This, friends, is cannibalism.