Summer of Hikes- Glenmere Park 5/11/2014

I’ve made it my goal to go hiking every weekend this summer. I’ll post photos from my hikes on here so you can enjoy them!

I was supposed to go hiking with my dad on this particular Sunday, since his birthday was coming up that week. However, Northern Colorado was hit my a random snow storm, so my dad decided it would be dangerous to go up to the mountains to hike. I agree, but I was not going to be deterred from my hiking goal- especially not on the first weekend of summer break. So I googled “hiking in Greeley” and the first thing that popped up was Glenmere Park, a .2 mile “hike.” Sure, why not. I love Glenmere.

I went to my favorite coffee shop, “The Blue Mug at Margie’s,” and get a drink, then went over to Glenmere and walked around, snapping photos and drinking coffee. There was no one else there, and I really enjoyed the silence of the intermittent snow and rain falling.

The first thing I noticed was how high the water was.

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glenmeretuningglasses 016 rdh

Then I noticed the locals coming to see this strange visitor.

glenmeretuningglasses 010 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 017 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 099 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 103 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 106 rdh

I took photos of the plants….

glenmeretuningglasses 019 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 021 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 031 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 034 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 079 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 082 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 091 rdh

Looks like someone got to the bridge before me!

glenmeretuningglasses 039 rdh

Overall, the amount of water travelling through was the most surprising part of the walk.

glenmeretuningglasses 040 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 056 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 095 rdh


Month of Memories #4- “Squirrel Feeding”

5-3Last summer when I worked on grounds crew, I worked on flower crew for a few weeks. This is part of a patio behind the visitor’s center. Every day when we would go to water the flowers back there, I would place sunflower seeds here on the railing in an effort to train the squirrel in this tree to eat them.

It didn’t work.

Day 292- “A Boy and His Dog”

Today, I realized something a bit depressing. I don’t get out much anymore and just take photos. Lately, it’s been because of my bad ankle. So today, I sucked it up, took some Advil, and set out from my house with my camera.

This photo is of a guy playing Frisbee with his dog. I watched them for a while, and out of the whole adventure today, it was probably my favorite part. I really, REALLY want a dog of my own, except my lease won’t allow it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tordy (my turtle), Pippin (my gerbil) and Apollo (my fish), and of course I love my Corgis back home, but it would be nice to have a dog. Of course, realistically, I would need a more stable job and a bigger yard… And of course a lease that allows dogs!

Anyway, I like this photo. Here are some more photos from today!

Some broken glass


Beautifully changing leaves


For some reason, I’ve always wanted to see inside of this house. So… I feel like a lot of old houses in Greeley sort of… Look like they belong in the boondocks. And… That’s all I have to say about that.


I was looking through my photos when they were all on my computer, and in this photo, I noticed the three guys at the table had all turned to me and were smiling for the camera. This made my day, more than I can tell you. In my experience, most people see you with a camera and flip you off, make a dumb face, stick their hand in front of the lens, etc. Their simple smiles made me very happy.


A spider in her web on a bush


Sunlight in the trees.


Action shot of a squirrel.


The UNC Visitor Center


So I helped plant this bed of flowers on campus over the summer. In the middle of all of the gold and yellow flowers, there is a random red flower. None of us had it in us to pull it, so it has been there since June. Pretty, huh?


Well, it may be kind of a depressing note to end on, but here you go. As I was on the final leg of my journey back to my house, I encountered this tree which is scheduled to be cut down. It makes me sad. I love the old part of Greeley (despite the boondocks-style houses), mostly for the trees. They are tall, old and beautiful. It makes me wonder how we as humans feel we have the right to tell this tree that it doesn’t get to live anymore. But, life goes on.

Of course, from the opposite end, having cut up a dead tree with a chain saw at work over the summer, I can tell you this: it’s extremely fun, even if it doesn’t set quite right with me.

You know what else doesn’t quite set right with me? Mulch. We take chopped up trees and spread it around the base of other trees to help them grow. This, friends, is cannibalism.