Month of Nature #12- “A Doe and her Fawns”

nature12This wasn’t in Custer State Park, but a few miles away from the border near our campground. They were standing only a few hundred feet from the road. The fawns, of course, were not concerned, but the mother was QUITE concerned. She kept tucking them behind her and trying to get them to go back into the trees, but they were more preoccupied with eating. So precious. ­čÖé



Month of Nature #11- “Bison”

nature11Ah. Look at all of the beautiful bison! Custer State Park has a herd of 1,300 in the park, if I remember right, and when my parents and I were driving through we ran into a lot of them. I envy the days before the bison were hunted down- and as far as you could see, there they were.

Month of Nature #9- “Antelope”


This past weekend, my parents and I took a trip up to Custer, South Dakota. While driving through the National Park, we saw many, many animals! I took a lot of photos. And since I recently figured out how to do panorama photos, I took a bunch for those. Either way, antelope! That’s this photo! That’s all.

Day 231- “Silhouetted Bird”



For my final South Dakota picture, I decided upon this- a bird silhouetted again the setting sun. While my family’s attention was on the herd of bison, I was creeping up on this guy with my creeper lens, and got this photo right before he flew away. I absolutely adore this picture, and was afraid at first that I hadn’t gotten it. But, I did. Yay. ­čÖé

Day 230- “Bobcat Hollow”


A long time ago, when my family was camping in the Black Hills, our dad told us a scary story about a place called Bobcat Hollow. A few teenagers found a lake in a deep hole, and when the went down to the water found a bunch of dead bobcats in the water. Of course, being a campfire story, the bobcats came to life and chased the teenagers. I don’t actually remember what happened after that though. But either way, my dad had found this place, called Tip Top Mine, and based his story off of it. But we all still refer to it as Bobcat Hollow, and my sister and I took her husband to go see it. It really is a beautiful, serene place, and holds a fond place in my heart.

Day 229- “Jewel Cave”


My brother in law has never been in a cave- so we took him to the second longest cave in the world, the lovely Jewel Cave in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We took a two hour hike…. and covered a half mile distance. Crazy, huh?! Either way, the cave is beautiful. This was right after our tour guide said that we would experience the beauty of the cave- and flipped the lights off. I grabbed onto the rail and squeezed my eyes shut, trying not to freak out since I hate being in dark places, and alas, I got through it without dying, which was nice. Anyway, these are┬ástalactites, which hang from the ceiling, which are pretty awesome. They were several feet off f the path, so I broke out the creeper lens and got this photo.

The photographer in me was going CRAZY for this cave- so many photo opportunities! Here is another photo, just to show you how big one of the rooms was.

Day 228- “Lightning”

For Photo #2 of South Dakota, I decided on my first ever successful capture of lightning. As opposed to my first one, which was blurry, which you can view here:

After I got this photo I felt a lot like this:

There was a rain storm every night we were there. It was sad because I wanted to get some good star photos, but THIS was awesome. I had the shutter speed set at 10 seconds, the aperture at f/8, and the ISO at 200. And that was the result.



Day 227- “Sleepy Duck”

For Photo #1 of my South Dakota photos, I’m posting a photo of two ducks… Even though you can only really see one in the picture. Their mother was getting a bit nervous about me, so I popped out the creeper lens and took my photos from a safe distance. Eventually she realized I wasn’t trying to hurt her babies, and settled into the grass a few feet away from them, watching me.

I took this photo at Sylvan Lake. For movie goers, it is the lake that is filmed in National Treasure 2. No, there is not a city of gold underneath this man made lake.