Month of Memories #3- “Foundation Hall”


I will never forget the first time I walked into Foundation Hall-band camp, my freshman year of college. I was so nervous I felt like I was going to be sick, and as my dad and I approached this run-down building, I worried even more about band camp, and college. I walked in and as my eyes adjusted from the daylight to the indoor lights, I saw a building that clearly needed more university funding. What struck me more were the people. Self-assured older bandmembers checked in, nervous freshman stood with their parents, looking as nervous as me, friendly people with shirts emblazoned with KKΨ were pointing people like me in the right direction. I was approached by Jill, an acquaintance whom I had met through another friend. She showed me where to go, and since I would be staying at her house for the next few days, took my dad and I back to her house. I met her equally enthusiastic roommates. At the time, I never dreamed that I would someday spend more time in this building and Frasier combined than in my apartment, practicing and poring over old sheet music and Kappa Kappa Psi records. Weird what can happen in just a few years.

Day 343- “Close Win”

Well, marching season is finally over. It’s pretty sad, really, because even though I’m excited to have more free time for studying and practicing, it’s the last time I’ll really see a lot of my graduating friends.

Anyway, our show was great for our last game- we had a Forrest Gump themed show at halftime, so everyone in the band dressed up as characters from the movie. The saxophones were “Running Forrest,” so we dressed up like Forrest from when he was running for four years (I think it was four years). I’m not going to lie though, my costume was the best because of my hair. Everyone else had fake beards on, so I decided to be awesome and use my own hair. I pulled some of my hair to the front of my face and pinned it there, creating a “real” beard.

I win.


Day 342- “Hot Chocolate Rehearsal”

Since rehearsals have been soooo cold, our awesome grad students and band manager have been providing hot chocolate for us. And here is Taylor, enjoying her hot chocolate after rehearsal. It was funny, because one of the sousaphone players was standing there too and his huge instrument bell reflected light onto her face. It was very cool. 🙂


Day 340- “Winter Sunset”

Marching band this year is going unusually late, and the sun has been setting before our rehearsals even start. And its been soooo cold.

It’s so interesting…. I feel like the sunsets have been…. Less warm. And you’re like “no duh, Rachel.” I mean color wise though. I feel like the colors are less gold and pink and more purple. It’s very beautiful though.


Day 334- “Outstanding Upperclassmen”

Yesterday was the Pride of the Rockies marching band banquet. First of all, I received my third-year member watch, which was exciting. I was also very honored to be voted one of the Outstanding Female Upperclassmen.

You hear me always talking about my Kappa Kappa Psi Brothers and how much they mean to me. Its the same with the marching band. They are all wonderful people and I’m so lucky that I have the opportunity to be in a band with them.


Day 316- “Double Drum Major”

Today, UNC won our football game against Idaho State, 52- 14. Hooray! Also, Idaho State’s band came with their football team, and after the game, we joined together and played the song “Hey Baby” together, and then awkwardly played our fight songs at the same time- it actually was very cool! I got this picture of our bands mixed together with one of our drum majors and one of their drum majors conducting together.

And on another note, we connected with a group of people working to establish a Kappa Kappa Psi chapter at their school. I talked to the active member in their group (who transferred from a school in California to Idaho) about it, and how they’re going to be installed, and everything. We got a group picture of all of us and all of them, too! 

What a great group of musicians!

Nothing brings people together more than music. 🙂

Day 314- “A Little Sparkle”

Today at marching band, we were recording our music for the UNC Bands CD in Foundation Hall. Afterwards, I was talking to Aubrey, and became fascinated by a single red piece of glitter on the carpet. So I pulled out my camera, and got a picture of it.

As a side note, happy birthday to my Little, Ben!

Day 308- “The Band in His Eyes”

So, nice title. It pretty much works, because I’m pretty sure I’ve used “reflection in glasses” as a title at least twice.

Anyway, this is my friend Davis, and the reflection of the marching band off of his sunglasses. I really like reflections in photographs, if done correctly they are extremely cool and can convey different meanings to different people.


Day 303- “View for the Tubas”

Yesterday, at our Homecoming football game, it was painfully cold, with bone-chilling wind and snow flurries randomly throughout the day. I made the mistake of setting my saxophone down for a few minutes, and when I returned to it, it was freezing cold and I had no hope of producing a sound on it. With that in mind, I began pursuing my photos for the day, of  a band bundled up in coats, hats, and gloves under and over our uniforms.

Unfortunately for the tubas, it’s coldest for them up at the top of the stands where they play. Drew and I huddled together for warmth during one of the stronger gusts of wind, and then I snapped this photo of the back of his head, with the view that he sees during the game. Which, even when freezing cold, is still a spectacular view of the field and everything happening in the stadium.