Day 363- “Seagull”

363The other day I ventured out to Sanborn Park, near the middle of Greeley. It has a large man-made pond/lake there, which was mostly frozen over. I began taking pictures of a seagull, who was calmly walking across the ice. I love how his reflection appears on the ice and how sharp and vibrant the colors are.


Day 208- “Lily”

A lily. At least, I think it’s a lily. I’m not good at plant names, but I am decent on photography at least. This is another photo taken at Glenmere Park. Me, wanting to get out of my apartment, but not having the gas money to actually go anywhere, went over to Glenmere again and enjoyed the lovely morning. I like this photo because of the overall composition. 🙂

Day 205- “Glenmere Park”

Glenmere Park is an oasis of beauty in the middle of Greeley. It’s the park that my friends threw my surprise birthday party at, the park that I’ve taken so many photos at, and the park that I discovered on accident my freshman year while exploring the neighborhoods around campus. It’s my favorite place in Greeley by far.

Today after work, I was feeling a bit stressed, so I went on over to Glenmere and sat down on the bridge that is next to the little pond pictured here. I sat there while it was cloudy, then raining, then clear, for almost forty minutes, pondering my life and my character and all of the wonderful stuff that’s never very much fun to think about. But it’s bearable when I have a nice view to look at. (Don’t worry, nothing REALLY wrong- it was mostly me being over sensitive to everything since I was sooo tired- and still am. Why am I still awake when I need to be asleep?)

Either way. Glenmere Park, friends.

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