A Different Perspective #7- “Still Present”

3-7Those of you have followed my blog for a while will recall the post I made in my 365 Project- Day 105- “Ribbon”.Β It is…. One of my posts that dives a bit deeper into my life.

So. Drew, Aubrey and I went to Boulder to visit Celestial Seasonings. While going back up to Greeley, we stopped off in Longmont… I dragged my friends to the park with me, not explaining why we were there. I went to the tree in question, gazed up…. and saw the ribbon. Still there.

Still caught in the branches.


Broken Building #5

1-5Just up the road from the so-called “meth house” (please read my post about it before assuming anything!), there is a much darker house. I drive by it occasionally en route from Fort Collins to Greeley and vice versa. It is nestled back in a thicket of trees and is shadowy and foreboding. The word “sinister” continues to pop into my mind, probably because I just watched Pet Semetary the other night and this house now reminds me of it a little bit. (Note to all of you- if you have never seen that movie, don’t watch it at 1 a.m. by yourself.) Anyway, I was sitting in my car looking at it, when all of a sudden- deer! Wary of me, they ventured to the back of the house. Meanwhile I, wary of the Stephen King death trap house, wandered to the back, keeping at least thirty yards distance between myself and the house.

1-5-1Back view of the Stephen King death trap house.

Anyway, I started having so much fun taking photos of the deer. I think there was five; four does and a buck who all watched me cautiously. It was nice having them there though, because I’d like to think that deer don’t normally hang out around haunted houses.


1-5-2Yeah. You don’t have to tell me that twice. Eventually I got a bit paranoid enough to leave, so I bid farewell to my deer friends and departed.

Oh! There’s a “For Sale” sign out front. Anyone interested? πŸ˜›




Day 338- “Icicles”

When I was home last weekend, I was stranded at my parent’s house because of the snow. I say “stranded” because I had been planning to go back to Greeley, but being at home was nice. πŸ™‚ Also, my loveable car’s defrost is broken, so driving in the snow is always a bit sketchy for me.

Anyway, the next morning, my mom told me to go out to the goat shed. So I grabbed my camera and headed out there and got so many wonderful photos of them. The focus of this photo was my overall favorite though.


Day 310- “Clear Night in Greeley”

The sky was unusually bright and clear the other night, especially since I was in Greeley- usually it’s not as clear due to the city lights. I set up my tripod and camera behind my garage, which blocked both of my neighbors’ security lights, and took this photo. I wanted to do another star trails photo, but in a case like this, there’s too much “noise” for a long-exposure photo. Also, I’m not crazy enough to a) leave my camera set up in an alley for a half hour, or b) stay out in an alley for a half hour with my camera.


Day 298- “Victorious View”

The other day, Ben, Taylor and I went on a hike up Mt. McConnell. It was so much fun! We got up there around 10, and reached the summit around 1 (we’re slow haha, what with Ben and I stopping every few minutes to take pictures.)
This photo was actually taken on the tail end of our trip, right as we were almost back to my car. I loved seeing the changing leaves, but was also saddened to see the scorched remains of the trees from the fires that raged this summer. Despite that, it was a day well spent!

Just dominated a mountain…. No big deal!



Day 297- “Illuminated Tree”

Today, I ventured to Fort Collins because a friend of mine is back in town. It was lovely to see him and my other friends.

On my way back home, I passed by the Harmony Ponds. It’s a beautiful little nature area, and the sunlight seemed to want to cooperate with me through the brooding storm clouds. I walked down the trail, stopping for photos every now and then. Eventually the distant, low thunder had a more “cracking” feel to it and was much louder, so I scurried out of the river’s flood area where I had been exploring and back to my car. Not before I got this photo, however. The sun burst through the clouds, and as I turned to look towards it, this tree caught my eye- the only illuminated tree. It helps that it is yellow already when its brethren are still green, but it took my breath away nonetheless.

Thank you to my friend Kyle, who helped me narrow down all of the photos I had from today to this one. πŸ™‚