Day 287- “Statue at Night”

So, I went back to the doctor about my ankle, and he scheduled me an MRI. It was vaguely terrifying to me, but once I got settled in I almost fell asleep because I was so tired. After it was done, I left, and saw this statue just hanging out outside of the building. So I took some photos and this is what I came up with. It’s pretty cool.

Results from the MRI- still pending. Hopefully my ankle is not too messed up this time!


Day 216- “Denver at Night”

After watching Drums Along The Rockies, I didn’t want to have to deal with the hordes of traffic, so I sat in my car and listened to the radio a bit, and texted some of my friends and my parents about the shows. (Me: “THEY PLAYED THE FIREBIRD SUITE! DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW AMAZING THE FIREBIRD SUITE IS? STRAVINSKY IS A FREAKING GENIUS!” Dad: “Okay I can tell you are excited.”) But, it finally cleared up enough, and I set out of the parking lot around 11:30. But then I saw downtown Denver, and HAD to take a picture. I took a few and found that this one had the best exposure. Then, I stood there and watched the city. Not like Fort Collins or Greeley is that small, but I still consider myself a “small town girl.” (Seriously, when I was in high school, I was late to school one day because there was a traffic jam…. Because there was a dead cow on the road. I’m not even kidding.) The city perplexes me and gives me a slightly claustrophobic feeling at times, because of the tall buildings and all of the people. But, there is a certain beauty about it that you can’t find elsewhere, with the lights and the buildings, that I can appreciate.

Day 180- “Fort Collins at Night”

Ah, here it is. Fort Collins, the place where my home fires burn. I drove up in the foothills to get this lovely picture, which turned out quite nicely and was my favorite out of the batch of photos that I took. I’ve been wanting this photo for a while, and when I finally got to take it, the view was better then I had imagined. Unfortunately there is no place in Greeley high enough for me to take my picture there, which is why I haven’t had the chance to take this until now when I went home for a brief visit.

If you look closely at the sky, you can see the stars beginning their “star trails,” since I had the shutter speed set to 30 seconds. (See my original star trails photo here:

Day 100- “Watching the Stars”

Ah, here it is! I have worked very, very hard to get a successful picture of “star trails.” (See how I did it here: ) This was me setting up my camera on my tripod in my backyard and rigging it so the shutter would stay open for thirty minutes. I decided to throw the windmill in front of the chicken house in the shot, and it turned out VERY well. It looks like the windmill is watching the stars, hence the name of the photo. It couldn’t have worked out better, and I’m glad that this is the photo that I’m celebrating my 100th day of this project with! Hopefully more of these pictures in the future. 🙂