Month of Memories #5- “Horizon”


When I was a senior in high school, my second semester Tuesdays and Thursdays gave me a wide window of breaks. I had English, Music Composition, an off period, lunch, and then Geospace. The way Music Comp was set up gave us essentially a study hall…. So, my days were essentially four hour breaks. One day, for a change of scenery I drove up to the foothills and climbed on of the short mountains, and later wrote a music composition about it called “Horizon.” I re-climbed up there recently for this photo. It’s still just as pretty!


Day 79- “At The Summit”

Sorry for my hiatus for the past couple of days. I was doing a bit of “soul searching” if you will. At any rate you can check out my page for some updates about it, and it’ll  explain some stuff.

So, there’s that link.

So, with the story now. It’s long, but it’s worth it. This photo was taken at the KKPsi retreat we were just at. Over the summer, part of the chapter and some of the other marching band staff came up here for a few days, but I didn’t get to go because it was my last year of showing at the county fair. The group finally ascended to the top of the mountain, and everyone was taking pictures and such. There is a picture of my friend who passed away in September looking over her shoulder and smiling at the camera, and it’s a beautiful photo of her.

So when we climbed back up there, that’s what was on my mind, was that I was seeing what she had seen too. It made me feel closer to her. That’s why I love this photo.

I chose the title “At The Summit” as a play off of Robert W. Smith’s band piece “To The Summit!” We played it at our last band concert last semester in Alicia’s memory. It’s amazing because it was commissioned by the Southwest District of Kappa, so the melodic part in the middle is actually our hymn. What’s more amazing is that the solo is written for the French horn- Alicia’s instrument.

It’s amazing how everything tied together here.

And there is my story of this photo.

Here’s recording of “To The Summit!”

Day 78- “Nick”

Pictured here is my friend Nick. On our Kappa retreat, we climbed the mountain next to our cabins. I was running around taking pictures of the scenery and then creepily took this picture of Nick.
I didn’t like the original exposure, so I used (I’m using it as much as I can before it closes) to change the exposure on it so it wouldn’t be as bright. Also what I would change would be the background; I would have rather seen part of the sky instead of just the other mountain behind this one. But I love his expression and the pose, which is why I used it.