Month of Nature #7- “Bee”



Pictured here is another Xeric Demonstration Garden picture- of a bee hanging out on a flower. The fun part was, I was standing in the middle of a few rose bushes, surrounded by bees. It was a bit nerve wracking, but bees really aren’t vicious like some people think.

Month of Nature #1- “Elk in Velvet”

nature1The other day, Taylor and I went on a hike up in the Rocky Mountains. Not 50 feet from our trail head destination, we saw this guy clomping along the side of the road. He was beautiful! We watched him and his smaller companion for a while. So majestic and beautiful. And they were so close to us! You know an animal is close when I have my telephoto lens on, and have to back up to get him in the shot!


Walking on the road


Month of Light #10- Macky Auditorium

4-10Yesterday, Taylor, Drew and I made the trek down to Boulder to watch the CU Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band concert. And holy crap. Their campus and concert hall are just…. beautiful. I would post photos of it, but they don’t do it justice in any way. It’s just beautiful though. The three of us kept looking around, mouths open, going “Why can’t WE have nice things?!” (Search my blog for any photo of Foundation Hall.)

Either way, they played a great concert, and we got to connect with their Kappa Kappa Psi chapter too. It was nice.

Month of Light #5- “Rachel’s Guide to Having a Not-Awful Facebook Photo”

Okay. I’ve always been kind of a snob when it comes to Facebook photos, especially profile pictures. I’m not going to lie, when I see people change their profile pictures multiple times a day (not kidding), I’m like… “Dude. What are you doing?” Typically the photos are super blurry, poorly lit, and have pretty awful composition. (Yup. I’m a photography snob.) And yes, this post is pretty much all photos of me on a journey to get a good photo. Enjoy the ride!

First thing’s first- typical photos from my generation.

4-5-2I was having a bit of fun here. Either way, when I was a young lass in my myspace days, I took my share of mirror shots. But even then I liked the photos to be inverted so it actually looked like me and not my evil twin.

This being my evil twin:

4-5-1Yuck- look how yellow it is. Let’s get some better lighting in this place.

4-5-3Wait a second- I have a camera! Why aren’t I using that? Most phones have pretty decent cameras, especially iPhones and other smart phones, so my call/text only phone is probably not a good example of phone pictures. Anyway, if you have a camera- even just a point-and-shoot- you can get great shots.

4-5-4Alright, next up-you’re taking a profile picture of yourself. Shouldn’t you be the main focus?

4-5-6I was being a dork for this photo I guess! Either way, all SLR cameras are good for manual settings, and even newer point-and-shoots allow for moderate adjustments. Clearly in this photo, I have the shutter speed too low and the ISO speed too high. Again, being a camera snob, I hate using the “auto” setting on my camera, but it’s really up to the user.

4-5-7Oh no- it’s blurry! I hate blurry photos- unfortunately, my main senior photo from high school is slightly blurry, and I didn’t notice it until I had selected it. It’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine now.

4-5-8Another thing to keep in mind is the composition- I’ve cut my chin off, and my cabinet in the background is throwing off the photo. Don’t let something like that ruin a good photo!

4-5-9I’m not really one for editing- I think it takes away the integrity of the photo. I do mild edits, such as color enhancement or blemish removal, as I’m doing here in my favorite online program-

And voila- a pretty decent profile picture.

4-5I know, I know, I’m a snob about photos! Haha. Hopefully that helped a little bit…. Or inspired you to take new photos. I feel like people who think they don’t look good in photos just haven’t figured out yet how to take them. Maybe it’s just me. I dunno. Anyway that’s all, have a great day!












Broken Building #11

1-11Now… You’re probably like…. “Uh, Rachel, that is clearly an intact building.”


Well, right. This is Foundation Hall, formerly an old movie theatre, and any UNC music student can tell you about their love-hate relationship with this building. If it was a bit better maintained, maybe it might be better. I don’t know. I don’t decide what money goes where at this school. Either way, I’ll take you on a little tour of our building. You can also check out some posts I made about Foundation in my 365 Project.

Day 85- Foundation Hall- Haunted or Not?

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Day 358- Janitor Keys

1-11-1The auditorium.

1-11-2The old organ.

1-11-3The wall under the organ….. Really beat up.

1-11-4Backstage! Fun fact about the red file cabinet: I’ve totally punched it before, in a ridiculous fit of rage. ….. Yeah, last semester was pretty rough. Moving on.

1-11-5Part of backstage- over the storage rooms and two small bathrooms, there is a little alcove up top. There are old set pieces, broken music stands, sousaphone cases and all sorts of weird things up here.

1-11-6Door going backstage

1-11-7I think there should be glass there.

1-11-8Stairs, WHAAAAAT?!!!!

1-11-9View of the stage from the top in the old projection room.

1-11-10Sunset from the roof of Foundation. Not many people have keys to get on the roof, yet I do. Lucky me, huh?












Broken Building #9


So you know how in my last post, I talked about not trespassing? Well, this story has nothing to do with this little house. I went out driving the other night, and took a photo of the sunset below. Either way, I went down a few dirt roads and found this great collection of old buildings- structurally sound enough for me to explore in depth…. But tucked back into trees and very obviously belonging to someone. So I did something that in the past I would never think of. I parked my car and walked up to the house right next to them and rang the doorbell. I’m trying to imagine the man’s confusion when he opened the door and saw a young lady standing outside in freezing weather asking about the broken down buildings next to his house. I explained to him about my project, and he pointed me in the direction of the lady who owned them. I followed his directions to her house, knocked on her door but got no answer. It was so. Cold. So I resolved to return sometime in the future, and I plan to. Either way, I returned to my car, drove not 100 yards down the road and saw this other building, and snapped a photo of it.


Broken Building #8



As I mentioned in my last post, I was headed out to my barn. This, of course, not being my actual barn, but a favorite place of mine to go to for photos. It’s been featured many, many times on my blog in my 365 Project (all linked below). It’s quiet and beautiful and smells like cow poop. While it may be gross to a lot of people, it’s an earthy smell that reminds me of showing at the county fair.

While most with most structures I’ve visited this month, I make efforts to not intrude on them, because I know that someone owns them and for some of them, they are simply structurally unsafe. However, with my barn, I got over it really quickly for some reason. Of course, I still¬†exercise¬†caution and respect here, but the feel is still somehow different. It’s hard to explain.


Inside the barn.


Sun shining on the wall through a window.


Nice shot of the sun on the dirt through a hole in the wall.



What I think the used to be a chicken shed.


Lens flare between the buildings.1-8-6


My baby Sarah waiting patiently for me to finish my adventure.


Day 41- Inside the Barn

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Day 284- Sun in the Barn


Broken Building #7


The other night I went out for a drive. My familiar path led me back out to my barn (featured in my next post). On the way, I was distracted by this house, which is falling apart. There’s not much else for me to say about it, except that before I saw this house I saw this sunset. Pretty, huh?


Broken Building #6



No, friends, I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ve been quite busy with school and Kappa events lately; I’ve hardly had a chance to breathe, let alone update my blog. But I’ve still been taking photos, like this one. This is an old abandoned house up on O Street in Greeley. I was near it when I took the photo “Caught in the Wires“, Day 267 of my 365 Project. I traveled back up there early one morning to check it out again.


The barn, creepy as ever.

1-6-2Yeah…. You don’t have to tell me twice. With this very obvious sign up, I decided not to explore the house or barn.

1-6-3With the “NO TRESPASSING” sign up, it was a bit creepy for me to see the back door open. You can kind of see it from this angle.

1-6-4Nice artistic shot of the barn.