Day 185- “Blurry Lightning”

My first successful lightning photo- is blurry!

You may also visit this link to understand how I feel about the blurriness:

Oh well. I decided to post it anyway. It does have good composition,which I like, and good contrast. The other day Northern Colorado had a tornado warning, which is when I took this. In a tornado, most people take shelter, but I prefer sticking my head out the window and taking photos. I did end up sleeping in my closet though. I woke up around 2:30…. “What am I doing in here?”….. back to sleep…..

Day 67-“And All of the Other Cliches”

And Chocolate/Understanding/Music/Me/Barbecue/Music/Rock’n’Roll/Every-Sorority-T-Shirt-Ever/Wordpress/Saxophone/French Horn/Piano/Viola/Zombies/Hope/Nails/Belief/Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker/The Force/John Williams/Is The Man.
All of the Other Cliches.
Enough said.