I’m back!

Hey friends!

Obviously I haven’t posted anything for the past few months. What with my hard drive crashing two times after initially repairing it…. Yeah. I wasn’t in any mood to deal with it, nor did I have enough free time to even consider doing this project.

But I’m back to do the monthly projects, even if it is only two more months.

November is the month that, when I devised my monthly project, I knew exactly what it would be.

Welcome to the Month of Musicianship.

November is known as this because my fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi, was founded in November back in 1919. I’ll celebrate it through photos. 🙂



July Photos

Oh hey friends.

You’re probably like “Rachel said she was gonna do a cool water themed project for July. She lied!”

Well, yes and no. My computer’s hard drive crashed again- second time in three months- so I’ve been without a computer again. So, July and August will roll into one epic water photo project.

That’s all!

Stay classy!