Summer of Hikes- Glenmere Park 5/11/2014

I’ve made it my goal to go hiking every weekend this summer. I’ll post photos from my hikes on here so you can enjoy them!

I was supposed to go hiking with my dad on this particular Sunday, since his birthday was coming up that week. However, Northern Colorado was hit my a random snow storm, so my dad decided it would be dangerous to go up to the mountains to hike. I agree, but I was not going to be deterred from my hiking goal- especially not on the first weekend of summer break. So I googled “hiking in Greeley” and the first thing that popped up was Glenmere Park, a .2 mile “hike.” Sure, why not. I love Glenmere.

I went to my favorite coffee shop, “The Blue Mug at Margie’s,” and get a drink, then went over to Glenmere and walked around, snapping photos and drinking coffee. There was no one else there, and I really enjoyed the silence of the intermittent snow and rain falling.

The first thing I noticed was how high the water was.

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glenmeretuningglasses 016 rdh

Then I noticed the locals coming to see this strange visitor.

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glenmeretuningglasses 017 rdh

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glenmeretuningglasses 106 rdh

I took photos of the plants….

glenmeretuningglasses 019 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 021 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 031 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 034 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 079 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 082 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 091 rdh

Looks like someone got to the bridge before me!

glenmeretuningglasses 039 rdh

Overall, the amount of water travelling through was the most surprising part of the walk.

glenmeretuningglasses 040 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 056 rdh

glenmeretuningglasses 095 rdh


Day 325- “Gentle Swim”

There is something very striking about this photo, of two geese swimming calmly along in the pond at Glenmere Park. I’m not sure what it is per say, but I really love it.


Day 317- “Love in the Leaves”

Today, I had the amazing opportunity to do my first engagement photo shoot, with my friends Ashley and Lee. We spent a few hours taking photos around Ross Hall and Glenmere Park. With this being my first “professional” photo shoot, I was a bit nervous, however my friends were understanding and supportive. This was one of the last few photos I had taken, when I was a lot more comfortable with posing them and “getting all up in their business” with my camera.


Day 205- “Glenmere Park”

Glenmere Park is an oasis of beauty in the middle of Greeley. It’s the park that my friends threw my surprise birthday party at, the park that I’ve taken so many photos at, and the park that I discovered on accident my freshman year while exploring the neighborhoods around campus. It’s my favorite place in Greeley by far.

Today after work, I was feeling a bit stressed, so I went on over to Glenmere and sat down on the bridge that is next to the little pond pictured here. I sat there while it was cloudy, then raining, then clear, for almost forty minutes, pondering my life and my character and all of the wonderful stuff that’s never very much fun to think about. But it’s bearable when I have a nice view to look at. (Don’t worry, nothing REALLY wrong- it was mostly me being over sensitive to everything since I was sooo tired- and still am. Why am I still awake when I need to be asleep?)

Either way. Glenmere Park, friends.

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