Month of Nature #8- “Sun through the Blossoms”

nature8My last Xeric photo- it’s reminiscent of Day 187- “Illuminated” from my 365 Project. That’s all.



Month of Nature #7- “Bee”



Pictured here is another Xeric Demonstration Garden picture- of a bee hanging out on a flower. The fun part was, I was standing in the middle of a few rose bushes, surrounded by bees. It was a bit nerve wracking, but bees really aren’t vicious like some people think.

Month of Nature #6- “Tiger Lily”



If you followed my blog around this time last year, you’ll be familiar with my love-hate relationship with Xeric Demonstration Garden. (You can check out some info about it in my 365 Project here.) Anyway, I ventured back to Xeric after months of not going near there. Xeric is really a lot prettier when you don’t work there, I decided. Either wy, this is a pretty Tiger Lily I found there.

Day 293- “Yellow Flower”

This is a kind of throwback photo, to this summer. I got in a habit, near the end of my time at work, of sticking flowers in my hair (to retain my femininity in the male workplace). I took a photo on my phone, and got this general result.

So, this photo is not so much about the composition or photographic merits, but rather what editing can do. Because THIS was the original photo.

What I did was get onto and played around a little bit. Just for fun, I’ve included my step-by-step process of editing this photo.


Focal Black and White- putting the emphasis on the flower.


Focal zoom- placing the focus of the photo, again, on the flower.


Turning up the contrast- making the background darker and the flower lighter.


Turning up the saturation- making the flower REALLY yellow.

And voila, you have the photo for today. 🙂







Day 269- “Human Flower”

In Pride of the Rockies, most sections do fun little dress- up days. The clarinets usually pick colors and all wear the same color. For their first color, they decided on yellow. They wanted me to take a photo of them as a section and started to lay down on the ground, so I gimped halfway up the scaffolding set up above our field (You can see said scaffolding here: When I looked down, I saw that the clarinets had arranged themselves into a flower! It was so awesome.

The photo, though not containing many artistic merits, is an adorable photo of some great people, which is why it made it onto my blog.


Day 263- “Marigolds”

Ah, marigolds. They are quite beautiful flowers, and I snapped this photo one evening. I was showing my friends a pretty spot on campus that is relatively hidden from the sidewalk, and started taking a bunch of flower pictures. Luckily for me they’re used to me taking a long time to photograph the same subject!


Day 175- “Because of the Brave”

“Home of the Free, Because of the Brave”

A phrase that all Americans are familiar with.

I’m not going to sit here and argue politics with anyone- I know that I have followers outside of America (hey guys), followers who are liberal (hey guys), and followers who are conservative (hey guys). It doesn’t matter if you agree or not that America should step into other countries’ affairs, or it we should still be in this war or whether or not we should have gotten into it. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you have to admire soldiers and what they do for us, and the sacrifices they make. The individual men and women who fight for us are my heroes. And on today, Memorial Day, we honor those who have died defending America, and those still fighting so people like me can sit here on wordpress posting pictures. They fight so I can go to college and speak my mind. They fight for our lives that we take for granted, us and our “first world problems.” And there is no way, no way at all, that any of us can ever thank them enough for what they do for us.

I wish I had the guts to serve like they do.

Taken at the Weld County Veterans Memorial

A more artistic shot of the statue. When I walked up to the statue, I saw that someone had placed a flower in his hand. While I love this photo, it is not my main photo for the day because I liked having more of his body in the shot…. Although I love the emphasis on the flower.

Someone left this at the memorial. and I agree- thank you.