Day 356- “Darth Vader Goblet”

356Well, it’s a blurry photo, but here is my new Darth Vader mug/goblet, full of eggnog. Yum.


Day 72- “Happy Valentine’s Day”

This is a little gift I bought for myself for Valentine’s Day. I love Star Wars SO MUCH (in case you can’t tell). So I treated myself to a candy dispensing Darth Vader and a small box of chocolates.
I like this photo because of the negative space in the right side of the photo, and also how cute Darth Vader is!

Day 67-“And All of the Other Cliches”

And Chocolate/Understanding/Music/Me/Barbecue/Music/Rock’n’Roll/Every-Sorority-T-Shirt-Ever/Wordpress/Saxophone/French Horn/Piano/Viola/Zombies/Hope/Nails/Belief/Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker/The Force/John Williams/Is The Man.
All of the Other Cliches.
Enough said.