Day 363- “Seagull”

363The other day I ventured out to Sanborn Park, near the middle of Greeley. It has a large man-made pond/lake there, which was mostly frozen over. I began taking pictures of a seagull, who was calmly walking across the ice. I love how his reflection appears on the ice and how sharp and vibrant the colors are.


Day 340- “Winter Sunset”

Marching band this year is going unusually late, and the sun has been setting before our rehearsals even start. And its been soooo cold.

It’s so interesting…. I feel like the sunsets have been…. Less warm. And you’re like “no duh, Rachel.” I mean color wise though. I feel like the colors are less gold and pink and more purple. It’s very beautiful though.


Day 238- “Double Sunset”

So today the sun set was absolutely beautiful, and I happened to be next to standing water at the time. So, I had to take pictures! I love the colors and exposure of the photo.

Also, you’ll notice that my signature still appears in the bottom right corner, but is much smaller than the past few days. I like it better now. But should it be a little bit bigger? Let me know what you think. 🙂