Month of Nature #9- “Antelope”


This past weekend, my parents and I took a trip up to Custer, South Dakota. While driving through the National Park, we saw many, many animals! I took a lot of photos. And since I recently figured out how to do panorama photos, I took a bunch for those. Either way, antelope! That’s this photo! That’s all.


Day 355- “My Tree”

355This tree very clearly says “the owner has no roommates other than small animals.” And it’s fine, I like my roommates being small animals (even though they never pay rent! Haha). There are two stockings for my new guinea pigs, Kirby and Chewy, one for my gerbil Pippin, my beta fish Apollo, and my box turtle Tordy. I have fun at Christmas. 🙂


Day 231- “Silhouetted Bird”



For my final South Dakota picture, I decided upon this- a bird silhouetted again the setting sun. While my family’s attention was on the herd of bison, I was creeping up on this guy with my creeper lens, and got this photo right before he flew away. I absolutely adore this picture, and was afraid at first that I hadn’t gotten it. But, I did. Yay. 🙂