Day 323- “Shadow in the Fog”

The other night, a group of us from Kappa went to Fritzler’s Corn Maize. We went through the “Phase 2” part of the maze, which is the scary part. It was so much fun! Pictured here is Adam, standing in the the fog with the spotlight behind him. I love this photo!

I love hanging out with my Brothers. 🙂


Day 315- “Oreo Art”

I took this yesterday at Burger King. Adam and I were hanging out since we haven’t seen each other in a while, and we also wanted to work on our Spyro game (you can see more info about it on this post: Anyway,at Burger King, I got an Oreo sundae, and started mixing the last of the fudge and ice cream together. So, I started dropping the fudgey ice cream goodness on a crumpled up napkin, and called it “modern art.”

On a side note, we’ve played six hours and fifteen minutes so far on our Spyro game…. and are 48% done with it. Wow. We have a long way to go.