Month of Nature #7- “Bee”



Pictured here is another Xeric Demonstration Garden picture- of a bee hanging out on a flower. The fun part was, I was standing in the middle of a few rose bushes, surrounded by bees. It was a bit nerve wracking, but bees really aren’t vicious like some people think.


Month of Nature #6- “Tiger Lily”



If you followed my blog around this time last year, you’ll be familiar with my love-hate relationship with Xeric Demonstration Garden. (You can check out some info about it in my 365 Project here.) Anyway, I ventured back to Xeric after months of not going near there. Xeric is really a lot prettier when you don’t work there, I decided. Either wy, this is a pretty Tiger Lily I found there.

Month of Nature #5- “Dead Man Lake Panorama”

nature5This is a nice little lake near Fort Collins, called Dead Man Lake, or Deadman’s Lake, depending on who you ask. And yes, people have died there, due to the sharp, almost ninety degree turns that the road takes around the lake. It’s really insane.

Either way, that aside, this a panorama I took of the lake. I stitched three separate photos together using “Microsoft Image Composite Editor.” It’s a very handy program!


Month of Nature #4- “Lightning”

nature4You know my last post? The one I made about 30 seconds ago, about the cotton candy clouds? Yeah. This lightning bolt was a result of that. There was so much lightning, heavy rain, and hail that didn’t dent my car, but actually chipped paint because it fell so hard. But! I was so excited about the lightning. It’s pretty, and one of nature’s beautiful phenomenons.


Month of Nature #1- “Elk in Velvet”

nature1The other day, Taylor and I went on a hike up in the Rocky Mountains. Not 50 feet from our trail head destination, we saw this guy clomping along the side of the road. He was beautiful! We watched him and his smaller companion for a while. So majestic and beautiful. And they were so close to us! You know an animal is close when I have my telephoto lens on, and have to back up to get him in the shot!


Walking on the road


Month of Memories #10- “Rays of Sun”

5-7Oh, the return of the sun rays. You’ve probably noticed that they are my background for my blog, and have been featured before in Day 281- “Radiance.” As I said then, I felt like sun rays were God bringing people up to Heaven. I still think that. About an hour before I took this photo, we had to call the vet to come euthanize my beloved goat Jadeite. She had cancer, and it took a sudden turn for the worse. So…. There’s that. Sun rays.

I also find it funny, that on, they now have a feature called “Radiance” which simulates sun rays.

Month of Memories #9- “The Screech”

5-10My sister and I went up here a few weeks ago, because she had seen barn owls up here before. As we silently approached these dirt structures, she whispered that we may not even see them.


A dark shape flew across the sky, lit by the full moon. It was the most hauntingly beautiful sound. We heard it three more times, and it was awesome.