A Different Perspective #10- “Beauty”

3-10Like almost every woman in the first world, I’m concerned about my physical appearance- Do I weigh too much? Is that zit really noticeable? Do guys find me attractive? Do I dress well enough? And all of the other questions that cause women- and men- of all shapes, sizes, colors, sexual orientations, insert-other-diversities-here to doubt themselves and be less sure of themselves.

Half of society is telling me that I’m beautiful and I should love myself the way I am no matter what, and the other half is telling me that if I’m not a Size 6 I’m not attractive.


I discovered a few months ago a movement called “The Body Is Not An Apology.” It’s all about radical self love, and loving your body and yourself- with all of the scars and imperfections. I was like, aww, that’s nice. I should do that.

But now, I really have started to do that. I’m still insecure about my image a lot, but I’ve also discovered an extreme truth- confidence is sexy as hell! It gives me courage and strength in all aspects of my life- I’ve been playing my saxophone better, I’ve grown into a better leader in Kappa Kappa Psi, and all around I feel like I’m developing into a better person, because I realized that I do love myself. I’ve accepted mistakes I’ve made, I’ve learned to love the scars inflicted on my body in almost 21 years of life, everything.

I shouldn’t worry about being super attractive to ALL the people….. Because I know when “the one” and I find each other, it won’t matter. We’ll love and accept each other.

togetherphotoThese are two pictures of me; taken about an hour apart. (Sorry, now I’m on a roll here haha) The one on the left is me with no makeup, t-shirt, my hair thrown back into its usual ponytail, etc. The one on the right is me after straightening my hair, applying makeup to the best of my ability, and wearing a nice dress shirt. I really, honestly prefer the left one. That’s me, in my truest, most honest form. What’s not to love?

So thank you, The Body is Not An Apology, for jump starting my radical self love. 🙂




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