A Different Perspective #1- “Being a Food Item”

3-1The other night, the Navy Band came and played at the Union Colony Civic Center. It was so awesome! One of my high school band director’s wife plays in the band, and I got to see both of them again and it was very nice. For the night, I was serving food to the band and was on security. It was a lot of fun doing security! I got to wear a security shirt and have a walkie talkie and everything.

Anyway, the photo. While I was in the green room guarding the food, I got bored waiting for the band. So, I put my camera on the 10 second timer, stuck it in the fridge with the flash on, and this was the result. I like the photo because it’s kind of an atypical photo of a refrigerator and food. I was going to keep taking more and perfect them, but at that point the band started walking in and I would have looked like a fool trying to take photos of the inside of a fridge while serving food.

Unfortunately though, I didn’t get any photos of the band since I was doing security.



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