Broken Building #9


So you know how in my last post, I talked about not trespassing? Well, this story has nothing to do with this little house. I went out driving the other night, and took a photo of the sunset below. Either way, I went down a few dirt roads and found this great collection of old buildings- structurally sound enough for me to explore in depth…. But tucked back into trees and very obviously belonging to someone. So I did something that in the past I would never think of. I parked my car and walked up to the house right next to them and rang the doorbell. I’m trying to imagine the man’s confusion when he opened the door and saw a young lady standing outside in freezing weather asking about the broken down buildings next to his house. I explained to him about my project, and he pointed me in the direction of the lady who owned them. I followed his directions to her house, knocked on her door but got no answer. It was so. Cold. So I resolved to return sometime in the future, and I plan to. Either way, I returned to my car, drove not 100 yards down the road and saw this other building, and snapped a photo of it.



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