Broken Building #11

1-11Now… You’re probably like…. “Uh, Rachel, that is clearly an intact building.”


Well, right. This is Foundation Hall, formerly an old movie theatre, and any UNC music student can tell you about their love-hate relationship with this building. If it was a bit better maintained, maybe it might be better. I don’t know. I don’t decide what money goes where at this school. Either way, I’ll take you on a little tour of our building. You can also check out some posts I made about Foundation in my 365 Project.

Day 85- Foundation Hall- Haunted or Not?

Day 314- A Little Sparkle

Day 358- Janitor Keys

1-11-1The auditorium.

1-11-2The old organ.

1-11-3The wall under the organ….. Really beat up.

1-11-4Backstage! Fun fact about the red file cabinet: I’ve totally punched it before, in a ridiculous fit of rage. ….. Yeah, last semester was pretty rough. Moving on.

1-11-5Part of backstage- over the storage rooms and two small bathrooms, there is a little alcove up top. There are old set pieces, broken music stands, sousaphone cases and all sorts of weird things up here.

1-11-6Door going backstage

1-11-7I think there should be glass there.

1-11-8Stairs, WHAAAAAT?!!!!

1-11-9View of the stage from the top in the old projection room.

1-11-10Sunset from the roof of Foundation. Not many people have keys to get on the roof, yet I do. Lucky me, huh?













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