Broken Building #8



As I mentioned in my last post, I was headed out to my barn. This, of course, not being my actual barn, but a favorite place of mine to go to for photos. It’s been featured many, many times on my blog in my 365 Project (all linked below). It’s quiet and beautiful and smells like cow poop. While it may be gross to a lot of people, it’s an earthy smell that reminds me of showing at the county fair.

While most with most structures I’ve visited this month, I make efforts to not intrude on them, because I know that someone owns them and for some of them, they are simply structurally unsafe. However, with my barn, I got over it really quickly for some reason. Of course, I still exercise caution and respect here, but the feel is still somehow different. It’s hard to explain.


Inside the barn.


Sun shining on the wall through a window.


Nice shot of the sun on the dirt through a hole in the wall.



What I think the used to be a chicken shed.


Lens flare between the buildings.1-8-6


My baby Sarah waiting patiently for me to finish my adventure.


Day 41- Inside the Barn

Day 42- Sunrise at the Barn

Day 46- Light in the Barn

Day 282- The Spider

Day 283- The Spiderweb

Day 284- Sun in the Barn



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