Broken Building #4

1-4This is broken building #4! I have to tell the wildly inappropriate story about this house for you to understand why I think this house is funny. A few years back, some lady was claiming that there was gang activity going on in here and there was a meth lab and all of this crazy stuff. So, some people have lovingly dubbed it “the meth house,” even though there has never been one there. People have lived there in the past ten years, I’m pretty sure, including some friends of our family. The boards on the windows just went up in the past few years. Anyway, that’s why this “meth house” is funny to me. Not that meth is funny. Don’t do drugs.

Anyway, not wanting to get too close (because of the NO TRESPASSING signs, which I was probably pushing anyway), I circles around the house just to look at it since I’ve never fully inspected it before. It’s sad how a few years of neglect can break what probably used to be a nice building.

1-4-1I got a little creeped out when I saw Christmas lights still strung on the side of the house, for some reason.

1-4-2Cattle ramp’s view of the house and sunset.



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