Day 345- “Sunrise From Frasier”

Yesterday, well, multiple yesterdays before, I had the genius idea of staying up to work on a paper. I ended up staying awake for thirty three hours straight with no rest. Oh. my. goodness. By the end I was so tired, that I was making all sorts of Star Wars references in my paper. The paper being an analysis of Schubert’s “Erlkönig” which is a very messed up lied (art song) about a father who is riding with his son through the woods while this “Erlkönig” tries to claim the child from the father. Spoiler alert: the child dies.

My Star Wars quotes:

“The main opening melody itself represents the Erlking and Death itself. It’s sort of like in Star Wars, how the theme of the music that represents Obi-Wan Kenobi also represents the Force.”

“At this point, the Erlking appears. To me, it is a literal representation of Death itself, appearing as a strange combination of the Grim Reaper, a dementor from Harry Potter, and Emperor  Palpatine from Star Wars.”

“Is the Erlking real? Is it the King of the Elves? Is it the Demon of all Demons? Is it actually the Emperor from Star Wars?”

So yeah. If you want to hear this beautiful but strange Schubert work, here’s a link:

Anyway! Back to my blog, after this night, I went to Frasier in the morning to practice for my piano class. I went up to the top floor and saw that the sun was going to rise soon. So I took a lovely photo of the sun rising. Quite beautiful, I must say.


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