Day 343- “Close Win”

Well, marching season is finally over. It’s pretty sad, really, because even though I’m excited to have more free time for studying and practicing, it’s the last time I’ll really see a lot of my graduating friends.

Anyway, our show was great for our last game- we had a Forrest Gump themed show at halftime, so everyone in the band dressed up as characters from the movie. The saxophones were “Running Forrest,” so we dressed up like Forrest from when he was running for four years (I think it was four years). I’m not going to lie though, my costume was the best because of my hair. Everyone else had fake beards on, so I decided to be awesome and use my own hair. I pulled some of my hair to the front of my face and pinned it there, creating a “real” beard.

I win.



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