Day 336- “Crushed Penny”

Yesterday, Taylor and I went and explored the train tracks in Greeley. I discovered that Taylor had never set pennies on a track to be squished by a train. I promptly dug through my bag and found some pennies to set on the tracks. Later that night, we heard several trains go by. Today, we went back to retrieve our pennies. We walked along the tracks for about a half a mile until we realized we were walking the wrong way- oops. So we turned around, went back another half mile, and about a hundred yards down the tracks from where we had started were where we had put the pennies. Fail.

Anyway, we found one of the pennies, and while searching for the other, we had a very “Stand By Me” moment, when the boys are crossing the tracks on the bridge. We kept putting our hands down on the rail to see if we could feel it, like in the movie.


We continued our search for the missing penny, when all of a sudden, we heard the whistle. We then had this moment:

Of course, us being us, we scrambled through our backpacks to find spare pennies to put on the tracks. I then promptly dropped everything in my bag on the ground, and we scrambled to pick them up before the train came. We sat on a pile of rocks and watched the three engine, 76 car train speed by and crush our pennies. I saw mine go flying off of the tracks. As soon as the train passed, we ran to the tracks and retrieved our pennies.

It was way more fun then you would think! We had a blast. šŸ™‚




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