Day 333- “Injury”

In band on Tuesday, my right hand suddenly began spasming and aching. It was actually painful enough that I went to our health center on campus to get it checked out. According to them, though, my hand is probably fine because they were under the impression that I have never had a hand injury. Well, I have. A long time ago, I injured my hand, and more recently, I very smartly punched a metal cabinet in anger (life has been weird lately). Anyway, I wrapped it up very awesomely- I wrapped my hand in a towel, put a bag of ice on the top of my hand, and another in my palm. Then I wrapped the rest of the towel around the bags of ice, and ACE bandaged it all on.


It is feeling a lot better, but it’s still painful to move my hand too much, and my fingers are pretty stiff from lack of movement for the past few days. Oh well. Here’s to a speedy recovery.



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