Day 330- “Blargie’s”

Right off of campus, there is a little coffee shop. For as long as anyone can remember, it has been Margie’s Java Joint. Over the summer, though, we received the sad news that Margie’s had been sold to another coffee shop, called The Blue Mug at Margie’s. To be honest, I cried when I found out Margie’s was closing. It was where a lot of friends and I had our first hangouts, and a lot of memories were made there.

This school year, we tentatively broke in the new place. It was funny, because it was easy to tell who was a new student, because they all called it “The Blue Mug,” as opposed to most of the upperclassmen who still stubbornly called it “Margie’s.” However, it’s sort of conjoined, and most of us lovingly call it “Blargie’s.”

One thing I like about Blargie’s is the patio, which now has lights strung across it. It still keeps some of the parts of Margie’s which is nice, like the comfy, mismatched chairs, the painting on the wall outside, and the creepy baby doll that is for some reason in a plexiglass case in the floor. (Seriously. It’s creepy the first time you see it.)

But anyway, Blargie’s. Love it.


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