Day 320- “Bari Sax Number Two”

It may seem weird that I run a photography blog, and yet my online name is “barisaxnumbertwo”. Well, there’s a great story. When I was in high school, I was primarily a bari sax player, whereas now in college I play mostly tenor sax. The original bari sax players at my school named the three Yamaha saxophones according to these rules: They would be three syllable female names, ending in an a. Thus, Bari Sax Number One became Elvira, Bari Sax Number Two become Condoleeza, and Bari Sax Number Three became Shaniqua. I learned to play saxophone  on Condoleeza, or “Condie” as I affectionately called her. The first horrible squeaks that eventually developed in scales and then into etudes and jazz came from her and I.

For any non-musicians, you must think I sound insane, referring to an inanimate object as a “she” with a name. Well, maybe I am, but most musicians are, and maybe that’s why we all name our instruments and such. But as musicians, it’s hard to not be attached to your horn. It’s your life, in so many ways. In a fire drill at the dorm my freshman year, I watched people grab their laptops and the like. Almost every music major walked out holding their instrument. It was actually kind of funny, looking back.

Anyway, I now play on Sir Scrap Metal, the name I’ve grudgingly encompassed all of UNC’s bari saxes with (I’ve played on three of them). They all come with their own set of problems, which is unfortunate since I love playing bari sax. Because of that I’ve had to throw myself into playing tenor sax (I’m hopeless on alto….).

So… barisaxnumbertwo. That’s what’s up.



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