Day 313- “Inspiration”

This is on one of the professor’s bulletin boards in Frasier. It makes me think about who I inspire. I had a friend talk to me today about my 365 project, and she wanted to know if I was going to keep up with photo projects after my year is up, because she really looks forward to seeing my photos. So, there’s one at least.

I hope to inspire people someday. May be young children, maybe teenagers, maybe adults. People can look at my photos and feel something, anything.

I don’t mean to diss on either of my arts, but I feel like music is a stronger artistic form for me. I can retake a photo many times, and even if the photo opportunity happens to change (the animal moves, the sun sets, etc.), I’ll still have the computer to edit my photos. with playing my saxophone, especially in front of people, I get one shot to make it right. I’m not saying that it takes more skill… But it takes a different kind of skill. And to me, doing both, it does seem harder.

Anyway, I apologize if none of this made sense, it’s late and I’m tired.



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