Day 307- “Secret Pathway”

You’re probably looking at this photo thinking…. “That is not actually a secret pathway…. It’s very much a used and visible path through UNC’s campus.”

Well, yes. Very literally, it is a pathway straight through Central Campus, diagonally connecting the buildings.

And no. It is not a clear-cut path through campus. I have the creative mind of an artist- a musician, a photographer, and a writer. When I see this path, with branches of the large trees growing over it, my mind is transported to someplace far, far away from Greeley, with the worry of classes and money and work and such. I actually posted something similar on Day 211 (

This place is something similar to a Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and a campaign of Dungeons and Dragons that my friends and I played once. (Yup. I’m a huge nerd.)   Me being me, I sometimes wish that I could be in that world, where I’m myself, but a better version of myself- the person who I sometimes wish I could be so I can escape my first-world-problem-filled life. I say that because my life isn’t bad- but sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in a rut here. You know?

It’s like being a kid again. I drove by an elementary school the other day; the kids were out at recess. They were playing on the equipment, playing around the basketball court, and the like. I saw three girls running together and laughing, and it was clear that they were in some sort of imagination land of their creation. The innocence and wonder or their minds, taking them away somewhere with no effort at all. So as an adult, I feel both cursed and blessed to still have the creativity of my child-self. Cursed to be forced to realize the worlds I wish were real are not, and blessed to be able to see them and have the power as an artist to convey them to everyone else.


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