Day 303- “View for the Tubas”

Yesterday, at our Homecoming football game, it was painfully cold, with bone-chilling wind and snow flurries randomly throughout the day. I made the mistake of setting my saxophone down for a few minutes, and when I returned to it, it was freezing cold and I had no hope of producing a sound on it. With that in mind, I began pursuing my photos for the day, of  a band bundled up in coats, hats, and gloves under and over our uniforms.

Unfortunately for the tubas, it’s coldest for them up at the top of the stands where they play. Drew and I huddled together for warmth during one of the stronger gusts of wind, and then I snapped this photo of the back of his head, with the view that he sees during the game. Which, even when freezing cold, is still a spectacular view of the field and everything happening in the stadium.



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