Day 300- “From Db”

Most musicians have a favorite key signature. (For non-musicians, a key signature tells us which notes to play…. Simply put.) My favorite is Db major. I can’t explain how much I love this key haha.

Anyway, the other day when I was Fort Collins, in the shopping area off of Harmony Road. All of a sudden, I heard piano music. I parked and wandered around, looking for its source. And then, I saw it.

A beautifully painted piano, covered in flowers and butterflies. It filled me with so much joy! I snapped some photos, and then the musician won out. I’ve been taking a beginning piano course this year, so I sat down and began playing arpeggios and etudes that I have been learning. The piano was relatively in tune, too, which was nice. A few people actually stopped and listened to me for a while.


“Tranformation” by Jaime Gastelle




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