Day 297- “Illuminated Tree”

Today, I ventured to Fort Collins because a friend of mine is back in town. It was lovely to see him and my other friends.

On my way back home, I passed by the Harmony Ponds. It’s a beautiful little nature area, and the sunlight seemed to want to cooperate with me through the brooding storm clouds. I walked down the trail, stopping for photos every now and then. Eventually the distant, low thunder had a more “cracking” feel to it and was much louder, so I scurried out of the river’s flood area where I had been exploring and back to my car. Not before I got this photo, however. The sun burst through the clouds, and as I turned to look towards it, this tree caught my eye- the only illuminated tree. It helps that it is yellow already when its brethren are still green, but it took my breath away nonetheless.

Thank you to my friend Kyle, who helped me narrow down all of the photos I had from today to this one. 🙂


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