Day 293- “Yellow Flower”

This is a kind of throwback photo, to this summer. I got in a habit, near the end of my time at work, of sticking flowers in my hair (to retain my femininity in the male workplace). I took a photo on my phone, and got this general result.

So, this photo is not so much about the composition or photographic merits, but rather what editing can do. Because THIS was the original photo.

What I did was get onto and played around a little bit. Just for fun, I’ve included my step-by-step process of editing this photo.


Focal Black and White- putting the emphasis on the flower.


Focal zoom- placing the focus of the photo, again, on the flower.


Turning up the contrast- making the background darker and the flower lighter.


Turning up the saturation- making the flower REALLY yellow.

And voila, you have the photo for today. 🙂








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