Day 275- “Cheering”


The UNC Football team won a game!!!! We’re all ridiculously happy, since it’s the first game they have won in a while…. A few years, I think. Anyway, we won 40-3! And it’s also a great way to stay in shape. A bunch of band members will run down from the stands to the track in front of where the band is standing, and do a push up for every point that UNC has scored so far. Typically it’s the guys playing the cowbells, and some tuba players. Well, last year, my friend Nathan and I decided that we were going to run down and participate in the push ups. So at the game yesterday, we continued our tradition. Over a hundred and twenty push ups…. I’m so sore right now. My arms, back, and abs are aching. So yeah. UNC winning is a great way to stay in shape.

Anyway, the photo. I took it right when the band was yelling and making the claw motion (because were the bears). I really like the exposure.


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