Day 267- “Caught in the Wires”


This is technically a Blue Moon, when a full moon happens twice in a month, or is the third full moon in a season of four full moons. Yes, it is quite not blue, or even white for that matter. There’s another fire going I’ve heard, although I’m not sure where or how big it is.

Anyway, I pulled over to take photos of it, and this one was my favorite. I was having fun “balancing” the moon on the poles. Of course, it all kind of got ruined when I heard a creepy noise behind me. See, I was actually parked next to an abandoned farm.

The barn!

The house!

I heard what sounded like a door slamming and then what was probably a bird or fox, but to me it sounded like a child who is among the ranks of the undead calling for my flesh.

Well…. I’ve been reading my Zombie Survival Guide lately (by Max Brooks, it’s a very clever book), and a few of my friends and I were watching The Walking Dead the other night (awesome show, I’m excited to watch more!). Combine that with the fact that it was getting rather dark and my lygophobic tendencies, and it made for one freaked out Rachel. So, I took off, having taken several pictures already, and hoped for the best. And I think I did pretty decent.




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