Day 264- “Boot”


Well, I’ve landed in a tough spot. I’ve injured my left ankle yet again. Let me tell you the story of it.

My sophomore year of high school, a few weeks before the marching band state championship, I rolled my ankle inward during a rehearsal. I remember the exact move too, I was marching forward and to the left, and for the next move I had to snap the lower half of my body around and head straight to the right. On the snap, my ankle rolled. Me being me of course, continued to march the next few weeks, icing my ankle and loading up on Advil. But it wasn’t getting any better after that. The next year, my junior year, it got worse and worse. I finally went to the doctor, and he gave me this boot to wear and informed me that I had a small stress fracture. (I affectionately call it my Stormtrooper Boot.) After we were done marching, I was put in an actual cast and on crutches for three weeks, and then did six weeks of physical therapy. It hurt on and off after that, but I learned to deal with it. My senior year, it got worse and worse again, so I restricted myself back to the boot for the last month of the marching season. I’ll never forget the moments immediately following our final championship performance. One person grabbed my bari sax from me, two other people grabbed onto me and half carried me back to the buses because I could hardly walk. (I couldn’t march with the boot in performances because it wouldn’t fit under my uniform pant leg.) I suffered a few more weeks after the season was over, and returned to a mild pain most days.

Come college, the marching wasn’t too bad, but in the spring of my freshman year it got bad enough that I went to a doctor here in Greeley. He informed me that my arch was too high and I got inserts for my shoes, which only helped a little. My sophomore year was another year of mild to moderate pain. This brings us to this summer, and my junior year. Working on grounds was very intense work. I stressed my ankle out to the point of me having to take Advil twice a day at work. I sprained it twice while mowing a hill. Luckily for me though, the guys I worked with were great about it and would take over mowing if they saw I was in pain, and would give me priority when riding in the vehicles and there wasn’t enough room for all of us.

This brings us to now. Band camp, of course, is where we teach the new kids how to march and go over it all ourselves again, eight hours a day. That didn’t include, of course, me running around running social events. My ankle grew more and more weak and stressed, and finally it happened. On the day of Band Olympics, the most important event I ran during band camp, my foot caught in a hole in the field. In the spring, when trying to aerate the field south of Gunter, the sprinkler lines were all cut by mistake, so the grounds crew had to fix them all. As a result, there are awkward holes and trenches all over the field. My foot caught in one, and that was it, I was done marching. I stepped out and took photos for the remainder of the day until Olympics, when I could hardly walk around the fields to watch the games. And now, I haven’t been able to finish out a rehearsal without having to bow out because of the pain.

So, long story short, my ankle hurts, first world problems suck, and I’m going to get it checked out soon.


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