Day 262- “Boh”

The name “Boh” encompasses two very important figures in Kappa Kappa Psi. It was the nickname given to Bohumil Makovsky, the first sponsor and the Guiding Spirit of Kappa, who was crucial to the creation of the fraternity as the Director of Bands at Oklahoma A&M College. It also refers to the cuddly teddy bear that is my chapter’s mascot.

For the purposes of this photo, I am referring to the teddy bear, obviously. Boh has a long, long history with our chapter and has been around for years. And, for years, he has been accumulating trinkets from members who have had him. Keychains from conventions, bandannas, a broken time turner, a ribbon for our Brother who passed away,  assorted necklaces and bracelets, and for a while even had a foam pig tied into his arm. He is passed around from member to member, sometimes if someone just wants him for the next few weeks, or if they need him (the chapter gave him to me the night before my second attempt at the music school… Which was unsuccessful, but it’s the thought that counts). He’s been there for the happy times in the chapter and the sad times.

Taylor had him over the summer, and when she was staying with me we decided that Boh was loooooong overdue for a bath. So, we stuck him in my sink, poured laundry soap in, and scrubbed his fur until he was a completely different color (imagine seeing your loveable bear turn brown after you’ve known him as a grey-brown… yuck). We made the decision to not put his adornments back on, and start archiving them (we’ve all been saying it for years anyway). He had a pound’s worth of stuff on him! Crazy, right?

Anyway, I went home this weekend to pick some stuff up, and Boh came with me. I stopped and cut some sunflowers for my mom, and placed them in Boh’s lap. The image of him being buckled into my car while holding flowers was so cute that I had to take a picture of it. There’s not much going on here artistically, but it’s an adorable photo.




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