Day 253- “Tag!”

The staff of the Pride of the Rockies marching band and the officers of the Alpha Theta chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi got together and had a bonding day at the UNC ropes course. It was a complete blast! We did a lot of ground- level activities at first, and then went on to the higher stuff. It was so awesome! Most of the photos from the day were taken by one of our graduate assistants who strained her back and couldn’t participate, but she seemed to be having fun taking photos with my camera.

I am, however, proud to call this photo mine. We were playing a game called “elbow tag,” which has a runner, a chaser, and groups of two people standing in a designated area. The chaser obviously is “it.” The runner needs to grab onto the elbow of someone standing in a group of two, and the person on the other side becomes the runner. It’s a pretty fantastic game.

In this photo, Melanie is chasing the director of bands at UNC, Dr. Singleton, also affectionately known as “Doc.” We didn’t know he could move that fast, since he’s got two “bionic knees”! I love how happy they both are, and Kevin (one of the ropes course assistant guys) in the background laughing with us.

This is one of the low level challenges my team faced- we all had to move from a sitting position on a large, suspended log without touching the ground. It took us at least 20 tries- and the incredible thing is, no one was getting angry. We all encouraged each other, shared frustration but perseverance in our failed attempts, and finally sang the world’s fastest version of “Row Row Row Your Boat” before all jumping off of the log together and screaming in our victory. The other half of our staff stopped the activity that they were doing and cheered for us as well. I loved this activity because we all had a voice in the brainstorming, and we were all looking out for each other. The group elected to move me closer to the outside of the log because it was an easier position for me with my bad ankle. And we had an unbroken chain of us linking arms, holding hands, and holding each other up. What a great bonding experience.

Look, there’s me! Just hanging out at the top of a huge pole, which was forty feet or something. (I don’t remember, and I wasn’t exactly trying to figure out how high it was when I was up there!) I was enjoying the view a little bit (“Hey guys I can see my house from here!” I really could was the funny part.), and also freaking out about being up so high. I finally managed to swing up and sit on top of the pole, and looked down to my belaying team holding my rope- a friend, a mentor, and two strangers who literally held my life in their hands.

“You guys got me?”

“Yeah!” “We got you!” “You can do it!”

“Okay… One…! Two…! THREE!” And I jumped from the pole as they pulled the rope, leaving me suspended in midair until I stopped swinging enough for them lower me safely down to the ground. Talk about trust! That has to be one of the coolest experiences of my life.

Julia jumping off of the pole…. No big deal…. 😉


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