Day 229- “Jewel Cave”


My brother in law has never been in a cave- so we took him to the second longest cave in the world, the lovely Jewel Cave in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We took a two hour hike…. and covered a half mile distance. Crazy, huh?! Either way, the cave is beautiful. This was right after our tour guide said that we would experience the beauty of the cave- and flipped the lights off. I grabbed onto the rail and squeezed my eyes shut, trying not to freak out since I hate being in dark places, and alas, I got through it without dying, which was nice. Anyway, these are stalactites, which hang from the ceiling, which are pretty awesome. They were several feet off f the path, so I broke out the creeper lens and got this photo.

The photographer in me was going CRAZY for this cave- so many photo opportunities! Here is another photo, just to show you how big one of the rooms was.


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